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At we truly believe that everyone can wear great-fitting jeans and enjoy denim perfection whatever your shape or size.

The reality is keeping true to your body shape rather than the latest denim trend or brand. You may be able to have it all, however, keep an open mind!
Follow our advice and your shopping nightmare will become an absolute pleasure – and you’ll end up with the jeans you’ve been searching for all your life.

1.   What’s your body shape?

When searching for the best jeans for your body type the goal is getting a great fit. Knowing your body shape is key and will determine which style of leg will suit your shape. This is the foundation for great-fitting jeans. Everything else follows from here.

Not sure what body shape you are? Take our quiz below!

2: Choose a leg style that will suit your body shape.

Now you know your body shape use the guide below for your correct leg shape. This is all about proportions and giving balance to your body shape.

  • Apple Body Shape Jeans – Straight leg, skinny – (not too skinny), crop.
  • Jeans For Curvy Women– Hourglass/ pear: boot cut, straight leg, wide leg, flare leg, boyfriend, crop skinny.
  • Fuller Figure Jeans – Boot cut, wide leg, straight leg, skinny.
  • Petite Jeans For Women – Skinny, straight-leg, crop
  • Jeans for Long Legs – Lucky you, you’re able to wear all leg shapes!

3: Which Rise?

The front rise of a jean is determined by the distance between the crotch and the waist. Knowing which body type you are will be your guide to the correct rise for you.

  • Low Rise Jeans – Long & Leggy and Petite can carry off a low-rise jean well. Low rise measures 7.5″ or under. The waistband usually sits two or more inches lower than the navel.
  • Mid Rise Jeans – Pear shape, hourglass, fuller figure, long & leggy, and apple can wear a mid-rise jean. Mid-rise measures 8″ to 9″ The waistband sits just below the navel.
  • High Rise Jeans– Pear shape, hourglass and long leg jeans can carry off the higher rise look. High rise measures 9.5″ to as high as 12″. The waistband sits either on or above the navel.

Top Tip: If you already have a pair of jeans you love and want your next pair to fit just as well, then use them as a template for all your future jeans:

See below how to measure your favorite jeans!

My Jeans Template

learn how to measure your favorite jeans here.

4: Which Waistband?

The waistband is always an important factor when shopping for your shape. Most women with a curvy body shape have a terrible time with getting jeans to fit around the hips, so they go up a size and end up with a gape at the back of the waist.

Here are three ways to get around the gape.

  • Go for the wider waistband which sits on your hips with a higher back rise.
  • A high waisted jean will solve the gaping problem and will give a streamlined silhouette to your shape.
  • Try these figure-fixing jeans specifically created for women who have a smaller middle versus a bigger hip and thigh area.

5: Which leg length?

Always take a selection of shoes with different heels to determine when you will wear your new jeans. Heels elongate the leg and give confidence when wearing great-fitting jeans.

Depending on the brand of jeans they may have a selection of leg lengths. Choose the nearest length. Don’t rule out a style just on leg length as it may be a great fit and easy to shorten. If you’re going to the trouble of having a pair of jeans shortened then ask for an original hem.

6: What hem should I pick?

These days hems are a fashion statement and there are lots of different types. Styles are more relaxed and the hems follow suit with an array of happy endings ( the hems I mean). Check out the frayed edge hem, the released hem, the side split, and the step hem below!

I need my jeans shortened!

If you’re shortening a skinny pair of jeans then just go for a normal hem but make sure the tailor uses the same colour thread as the seams on the jeans. Now if your jeans have worn-out hems ( a feature on your new jeans) you can ask your tailor to keep the original hem.

Stateside it’s called a “tricky hem” or a “European hem”. In the UK we call it the “American” hem. It’s a way of shortening one’s jeans and keeping the original hem intact by re-attaching it after shortening. It’s a great way to keep the original look of the jeans if the bottoms are faded or frayed. This can be an expensive alteration, as it takes longer than standard hemming.

7: Which Size?

This can be tricky, as most denim brands tend to work to their own sizing. Jeans from the US tend to work on vanity sizing to make the customer feel great about buying a smaller size. If you’re trying on jeans in a boutique or department store be sure to ask the sales assistant if the brand runs true to size. Don’t get caught up with sizing it’s just a number!

8: Which Fit?

Try on both sizes of your chosen style and see which fits better. By checking the Lycra content on the label inside the jean you will get a good idea if the jean will stretch when worn. (A higher Lycra content will stretch at least one size bigger, so take the smaller size).

Nothing is worse than parting with your hard-earned cash on a jean that goes baggy after one wear! So it’s important to move around the fitting room and do some denim aerobics to ensure a close fit. Always sit down in the jeans to make sure the back rise doesn’t reveal too much.

If both sizes of your chosen jeans don’t fit well, the style may not suit your body shape. Often we blame our size when the answer could be ‘It’s just the wrong style for my shape’.

Read here for more advice on what size to buy!

9: Buying Online? was created in 2006 to take the hassle out of buying jeans as the first denim portal of it’s kind. Soon after we decided to stock jeans and offered a tailored denim consultation for clients to come, try and purchase the jeans we were selling online. Today is still guiding women and men of all sizes to the best jeans on this blog and offer a denim stylist service, so we know where to find those jeans!

Buying jeans online has never been easier as e-tailers such as NET-A-PORTER, ShopBop and Matches have created specialist denim area’s to give much-needed help to make a successful denim purchase. Stylists are on hand via email or by phone to answer your denim dilemma.

Specialist denim boutiques Donna Ida and Trilogy have between them a string of stores but still offer an online presence. If you’re purchasing jeans online a good e-tailer will give size & fit notes of the style so you will know if the jean is true to size or to go down a size etc. If unsure call or email the e-tailer and ask!

10: Where to buy jeans in London/ USA?


As a stylist & denim expert, I recommend the following stores in London for the pure reason that they understand the needs of different body shapes and have a great knowledge of the brands they are selling. Liberty Denim Room, Selfridges Denim StudioDonna Ida and Trilogy Trilogy“>.

But if you’re looking for more of a bespoke service our denim stylist service is tailored to your body shape, size and budget. It’s a definite time-saver and you will take home at least one pair of perfect-fitting jeans! For more about the service, click here.


Ok so the USA is a massive place right, so here are the stores with the best (in my opinion) denim collections. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Paige Denim, J Brand, Macy’s, Madewell, Lucky Brand Jeans, Loft and Levis.

At we are here to help you with your denim dilemmas so feel free to drop us an email or comment below and we will send you our recommendation. Be sure to give your body shape & size!

Happy shopping for your shape!


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