Looking for the best jeans for your body type? Look no further than Ilovejeans.com founder Sam Remer! As an experienced denim stylist, she has the knowledge and expertise to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in both in-store and online shopping sessions. Get to know her here!

ilovejeans.com is totally me and has been for the past 17 years. Previous to my love affair with denim I was a freelance fashion stylist for over 15 years, which gave me the experience I have today in dressing people, personal styling, and being a denim expert. I have dressed all types of people, from royalty to normal people just like me and you!

Starting out in fashion

At 17 years old I started a market stall selling women’s fashion in London’s finest street markets. I soon realized I preferred the ‘buying & sourcing’ more than the setting up of the stall, especially in the winter frosty mornings!

My first fashion position was at Miss Selfridge ( a fashionable High Street retailer) as a Buyers Clerk working closely with the jersey buyer. After a couple of years of learning the role, I landed a Buyer’s Assistant position at Monsoon/ Accessorize. And then Assistant Buyer at Burton Menswear, where I was made redundant!

Starting as an Assistant Fashion Stylist

With my small amount of redundancy, I was excited to carve out a new path that would lead me to exactly where I am today.

Fashion styling was an unknown vocation back then ( not like now) but that just spurred me on. I was lucky & persistent enough to find a Work Placement position ( no payment) at Marie Claire Magazine and New Woman Magazine. This was such an exciting time, soaking up information on fashion designers, fashion trends, and how to be a stylist on a photo shoot. I started assisting Fashion Editors to prepare for their fashion shoots which gave me a 360 view of how to become a Fashion Stylist. Truly fabulous exciting times!

Becoming a Fashion Stylist

While I was assisting others I was also building up a ‘fashion portfolio’ working with up-and-coming photographers, hair, and make-up artists, and new face models ( as they needed new shots for their modeling portfolio). It was a great time for finding my style and learning how to work/ style all types of people such as royalty, music artists, models, and most importantly normal people like you and me!

My portfolio was fast becoming full of wonderful creative images and after knocking on a lot of Styling Agents’ doors I was taken on as a Fashion Stylist at Mandy Coakley Represents. It was such an exciting time and I felt very proud of myself to have bagged a really good agent.

Being part of a Styling Agency springboarded my styling career…

My Denim Love

My love for denim grew from my working styling trips to Miami, where I regularly visited a denim shop for all the latest premium denim styles, Paper Denim & Cloth, 7 For All Mankind, and Earl Jeans being my favorite first pair of premium denim. I was hooked!

Ilovejeans.com was launched in May 2006 out of my sheer frustration with the saturation of low-rise premium denim in UK stores with no direction or help available to guide the customer to the perfect fit. Using my styling experience with a designer friend,  we created the very first ‘Denim Portal’ giving advice on how to “shop for your shape” and all the information needed to shop for jeans on and off-line successfully in one place.

I have been blogging for over 15 years now, and in that time, I have worked with many retailers as a denim specialist / personal stylist/denim consultancy work. I am often asked to collaborate on ‘denim stories’ for magazines. Click here to see my latest press.

If you have a denim dilemma or need to track down a pair of jeans, I’m happy to help. I don’t charge for email advice, as I get paid an affiliate commission by the retailer when you purchase a pair online.

If you’re looking for a bit more help with finding those fantastic-fitting jeans, you can book a Virtual Jeans Fitting Session with me. Say goodbye to exhausting, soul-destroying shopping trips for jeans and book the jeans fitting service that gets great results!

I also offer a Free 15 Minute Denim Assessment to help you find the best styles for your body shape.

I do really have the answers to your denim dilemma, so get in touch so I can sprinkle some denim love your way.

Enjoy the blog.

Sam Remer x

If my journey has inspired you and fashion sounds like your dream job, to start your new career check out the vacancies on Jooble.

sam remer founder ilovejeans.com
photo: John Nguyen

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  1. Love your website….I find the information very helpful. However I live in Canada….do you have information on jeans sold in Canada.
    Thank you

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