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hourglass & pear shape

Which One: Are You a Pear Body Shape or an Hourglass Body Shape?

This post was inspired by an email from a reader questioning why an hourglass was included in the pear body shape category on the ilovejeans.com body-shape tool. She felt her hourglass body shape had nothing to do with a pear body shape. How do you identify your body shape? Curvy, Pear, or Hourglass body shape?

Right, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the two body shapes…

Two stylized female figures in outline: Pear or Hourglass Body Shape
The differences between the two body shapes.

Pear Body Shape (left): Your hips are slightly wider than your shoulders with a slim upper body and a smaller bust, broadening to a fullness in the hip, bottom & thigh area. A high percentage of women in the UK fall into this body shape. Pear body shapes can be in all sizes, from petite to plus size.

Hourglass Body Shape (right): Your hips & bust are about the same size, with your waist being approx 10″ smaller, with a fuller bottom. The interesting factor with an hourglass body shape is that an overweight pear can fall into this body shape ( putting weight on the top half as well as on the bottom).

You can see the hourglass & pear body shapes above the top half is the difference in pear & hourglass. Celebrity Stylist Gok Wan often mentions that clothing manufacturers and dressmakers still design to an hourglass mannequin shape. When it comes to dressing the bottom half of a pear or hourglass body shape in jeans, the formula is the same.

As a stylist with over 20 years of experience, I have dressed many women with different body shapes, and the constant challenge is to get them fitted into jeans suitable for their shape.

What’s the problem?

Finding a style that fits on the waist and the hips is difficult. Often a pair of jeans in a bigger size is purchased to house the hips & bottom but the waist is too big and gapes at the small of the back. This is a common problem for both Pear & hourglass and the only answer to getting around the gape is to follow the rules….

5 Curvy Girl Rules To Follow:

1: Choose higher-rise jeansThe rise is the measurement from the top of the waistband down to the bottom of the crotch seam. A higher rise jean sits comfortably below or on your belly button giving full coverage on the bottom area and tucking the tummy in.

2: Find the best rise for you – With your jeans on, take a tape measure and measure from the crotch seam up to two fingers below your belly button. This will give you the measurement of the rise that will be comfortable for you. Or if you don’t have a tape measure use a ribbon or a piece of string. Take this shopping with you and use it as a ready guide when picking out jeans to try on.

3. Always choose a style with at least 1% Lycra mix in the fabric content – (Check the fabric content label inside the jean to see the mix). This is important for comfort and for keeping shape. Lycra & Elastane do the same job. I have found jeans with a Cotton, Polyester & Lycra mix keep the best shape.

3. Choose a wider waistband – Perfect for sitting on the hip & the smallest part of your waist. Often a wider waistband sits higher on the back, so no knickers show.

4. Look to balance out your curves – When choosing a leg shape opt for a boot cut, wide leg, or kick flare to balance out your curves. If you’re hankering for a skinny style then keep the rise high! A Straight leg, again with a higher waist can be perfect for a smart work style

5: Do your homework – There’s a good selection of denim brands & retailers that specifically have styles for women with curves. Check them out as they were created for you…

Hi I'm Sam from I love Jeans!

Denim Brands Specialising in Curvy Jeans

GOOD AMERICAN Launched in 2017 and has hit the floor running with jeans for the curviest bodies, sizes 00 to 24; click here to learn about the brand.

CENIA CONVI JEANS – One of the latest designers to create jeans for curvy women from her own experience of finding shopping for jeans difficult. Cenia’s collections always have curvy women in mind.  

FREE PEOPLE – Recently launched the ‘CRVY Collection’, 9 perfect fits + 16 denim washes, really great styles!

MEASURE & MADE – This is a new brand to ilovejeans.com, and we think you’ll really love it! Powered by Fitlogic®, a unique patented sizing system that not only takes into account your size but more importantly your unique shape. Say goodbye to waist gaps, camel toe, muffin tops, vanity sizing, and fitting rooms!

DEMOCRACY DENIM Specialises in jeans that comfortably fit the curvy body shape. “Ab”solution® Fit Technology incorporates soft, super-stretchy premium denim fabrics, slimming power mesh panels for tummy control, a hidden elastic waistband for a “no-gap” waist, sweetheart-shaped back-yoke, and strategically placed pockets to “boost your assets.”

PAIGE – FLAUNT DENIM Premium Denim Brand created a collection for women with curves. A denim collection that embraces every curve. This collection was designed in response to the number one most popular request from our customers to update the waist-to-hip ratio on our bestselling fits to embrace the curvier body type of women who are blessed with fuller hips and thighs while maintaining their slim waist.

updated 1/17/23


Curvy – Regular

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Curvy – Petite

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For more ‘Curvy Girl’ Jeans visit ‘Shop for Your Shape’

Products are updated every month to give you the best choice of denim for curvy women.



  1. Hey,

    Thank you for sharing the information about It. I learned a lot from it. I appreciate you the detail you went into it. I am grateful for the amount of time and effort you put into this helping us. Your insights and summary are beneficial.

  2. My problem is that even these “curvy” brands mentioned are not curvy enough for me and also don’t come up in inseams long enough for me either.
    I measure 26″ waist, then 40″ at my high hip which is just 2″ below my waist. Its then the same full hip measurement which is only 5″ below my waist. (I have a very short waist!) so my issue is that most places expect your full hip to be 7″ below your waist which is below my crotch for me – that’s an around legs measurement which is obviously affected by how far apart your legs are whilst taking the measurement. On top of this I require a 34″ inseam for trousers to come just below my ankle bone (and I hate with a passion trousers which fit above the ankle bone, I don’t need to look like I had a growth spurt or get the cold ankles lol). Which ends up with me needing a longer length than is often offered in most places as “long” whilst being too short to work in places for Tall people. Here those tend to start at a 36″ inseam and as they are designed for taller people the rise is also longer and I don’t need a longer rise.

    So my issues in getting jeans to fit is that the rise will be too long at the front, whilst not being high enough at the back (though I wouldn’t say I have a big bum, its more that I also have lordosis due to a tilted pelvis so…). Then the waists are always too big if I shop to fit my hips and thighs. Based on the Good American size chart for their flare (which has the longest leg length, but still 2″ too short for me) I would need an 8 to fit my hips, but a 2 to fit my waist. The 8 would be 3.5″ too loose on my waist. Which to me is the most uncomfortable thing ever.

    I have basically given up bothering with jeans and now just live in leggings since I can buy those to fit my waist and they have enough stretch to also fit my hips. Weirdly, having tried on my boyfriend’s jeans for a laugh, it turns out that they are much better proportioned (have a higher back rise for one thing) than ladies jeans and so when I next can be bothered to deal with trying to find jeans I like (just black please, no fading details, no tears/rips/fraying, I hate that look) I will try the men’s section. His were too loose in general (he takes a 32 waist jean with 33″ leg) but the proportions were right. So maybe if I try on a 28 or a 30 it might work ok. Its weird really since guys are generally less curvy in the hips and bum that their jeans should fit better on an extreme hourglass figure like me, but then again jeans didn’t used to be made in gendered fits because they fit everyone quite well in the “mens” sizes. It was only capitalism wanting to capitalise on a larger demographic that added in a version marketed to women and even from the beginning women were lamenting their poorer fit. I just haven’t got around to going into town when I feel in a trying on stuff mood yet. lol

    • Hi Alexia, Thank so much for your comment. It must be very difficult for you when (trying) to buy jeans, I feel your pain as what you are describing is a Tall- Curvy- Petite body shape which sounds like a contradiction but I get it! Ok, you mentioned you’re currently wearing leggings so let’s try and move you on to denim jeggings which will give you the denim look and you’ll have that comfort still. Take a look at Long Tall Sally UK / USA which is a website for Tall women and these Denim jeggings. Another style is a skinny low rise jean in a 34″ leg length. See what you think of those two and please let me know your front rise measurement. All the best Sam x

  3. Hello..I’m 5’7, 142lbs. 29inch waist..hourglass figure and can never find jeans that fit me correctly. If the thighs fit, the waist is too big. A lot of my pants collect fabric in the back where a bigger butt should be, I guess…and they start falling off of me a few hours into my day so I’m constantly hiking them back up. What jeans should I try? I’m about to sow elastic into the backs of all my jeans..

    • Hey Marisa! Thanks for you’re comment. The first thing for you to do is to measure your ‘Unique Rise” as this will give you a blueprint as to which rise and jeans are going to be a good fit for you. click here to find out how to get measuring! Once you have your ‘Unique Measurement’ you can then shop for jeans online or instore and be more selective in your choice.
      Next step is to look at the fabric content as it sounds like you need a jean that holds you better and that doesn’t sag or bagg. It’s difficult to recommend a jean for you until you find out what your rise measurement is and if you should be wearing a high-rise or a mid-rise.
      So I’ll give you an example of both and you can see which one is better for you……

      My mid-rise jean to suggest it the Women’s Cenia Convi Jean with adjustable waist. I have a pair of these and once the zips are up they do not expand or sag!

      My high-rise suggestion is the Rocket high-rise skinny jeans by Citizen of Humanity figure hugging that won’t fall down. Do let me know when you know your Unique Rise measurement and I can be more specific for you.
      Sam xx
      Sign up HERE for relevant body shape news https://tinyurl.com/y8c6gxol

  4. I think it’s wierd that you guys didn’t include Poetic Justice. They actually have great quality but they have way more styles and options than these brands. You should check them out

  5. I’m very petite. 5’4 115, I’m not sure of my measurements but usually I buy size 4 jeans and they tend to fit either perfectly if not a little too snug on my butt and thighs and leave a huge gap at my waist, even high waisted. What would you reccomend?

    • Hi, Julia, Thanks for your comment. I recommend the following jeans- Depending on your budget and if your looking for a tight fitting jean I would start with the Cenia ConVi Jean $99( ilovejeans readers get 15% off – click here)go for the XS size, they are a great fit and have the zipper darts at the back for curvy body shapes.
      Another good retailer is by LOFT as they have a Petite -Curvy Collection They are offering 40% discount on selected jeans at the moment.
      My last recommendation is Good American, jeans start around $129+, These jeans are again specifically made for curvy body shapes, Khloe Kardashian is a co-founder has, in fact, paved the way for curvy women of all sizes! A mix of Great fashion jeans and everyday basic denim. Sizes 0-6 run large, order one size down. Sizes 00 to plus size 24!Love this brand for such a wide size range.
      So there you have it 3 recommendations for your ‘Curvy-Petite’ figure, Let me know how you get on. Sam xxx

  6. I have an hourglass shape that goes more to a pear shape if I gain weight (weight gain goes to hips and butt but top size stays the same) and I’m only 5′-2″. I’m in search of a decent fitting pair of jeans. My go to favorite was Gap curvy boot cut size 6 until they discontinued them. I have the typical problem with the gape at the back, not enough room in the butt (making my butt look flat), etc. Petite or short lengths work better but I’m running into a problem where if the waist band is higher in the back, the front tends to droop, creating a horizontal crease or fold of fabric across the front of the pants at the top of my thighs – not attractive. Any suggestions? I’m in the United States and wear jeans daily for my job so they need to be reasonably priced and decent quality as well.

    • Hi Beth, Good to hear from you!I found this selection of ‘curvy jeans’ at Gap which are on sale now. Other curvy jeans that are really good price, under $30 are the DENIZEN -Levis curvy collection available at Target. Also, don’t forget PZI JEANS, where you can shop your petite leg length across the styles which are specifically for curvy body shape. Last but not least, check out the CURVY GIRL page that I update regulary that has a handpicked mix of styles and brands. If you’d prefer more of a bespoke selection then please visit my ASK THE STYLIST FaceBook Page, where you can send me a picture of yourself in your jeans and I’ll recommend 3 styles just for you. Good Luck, please visit again soon x

  7. I tried womens jeans for curvy fit and mid rise relaxed boot with 1% or 2% spandex/lycra both I have thigh issues with.
    I’m an hourglass, but lately my midriff and waist are a bit pudgy (after menopause spread).
    I work in a warehouse and find women’s jeans a bit restrictive and even if there is a tiny bit of spandex or lycra they tend to sag a bit at the end of the day hence the name saggy diaper. I wear a 16 and have large thighs, jeans wear out fast for me. i would wash cold delicate cycle, dry on low or no heat.No matter what I do, the jeans tends to thin out and break, so, I throw them away or donate.
    I find mens 100% cotton jeans 36/30 fit perfect with no restrictions and I can wear them to work plus I am comfortable with no digging or marks at the end of the day like the womens jeans.

    P.S. I tried 16 misses and 18 misses; 18 misses is too big and 16 misses is OK, but hug in the thigh.

    • Hi, Sweet Angel Kitty (cute name). I see your point and would like to know which brand of jean you are wearing with stretch. So people wear their jeans harder than others, so 100% cotton would be the strongest if you have a physical job. However you don’t have to skimp on the style and wear men’s jeans, there are women’s jeans that are 100% cotton. Check out these ones from women’s jeans” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Lee Jeans as they are at a good price too. Thanks so much for your comment and let me know how you get on. Sam x

  8. I’m short and a curvy plus size. Waist gap is a big issue. Waist is 39.5″ and hips 49.5″ with large thighs. It seems every time I find a Jean or denim Capri that fits well it is discontinued by the time I want to buy again. Also I live over 3 hours to most shops so I need to find some internet based options where if something doesn’t fit it is easy to return. I prefer dark denim. I don’t care for jeans with whispering or faded thighs. I am particularly interested in denim capris as I prefer them to shorts and I live at the southernmost edge of the US so it is very hot. Thanks.

  9. hello i am 5.2 and I have a pear shape body with small waist and small bust but curvy and heavy legs and inner thighs and a big butt the most trouble I have is having to find a nice pair of jeans I am in between sizes I am a 12 in pants and medium on top my pants are the ones that give a hard I have givin up in dressing up sense all I wear is workout clothes and black leggings as my wore dore I cant seem to find a style for me or where to begin please help any advice

    • Hi Daisy,
      Thanks for your comment. So you’re petite in height and in luck at the moment as there are so many cropped styles available that work well for us shorter women. Brands that I mention in this blog post above are worth checking out, such as this style “Good Waist Crop” the inseam is 27 inches and it has a high rise. Good American jeans are made with curvy women with big bottoms in mind. My other favorite curvy jeans brand is PZI Jeans, you can shop on all the jeans that come in a short leg and size 12 here. They offers some good deals which are worth checking out.
      I have just published a Best Sellers post you may find interesting too. I hope you’ll find a great pair in my suggestions, feel free to let me know how you get on. Sam x

  10. Do you have a recommendation for some shorts that are loose on my big thighs, but will fit my tiny waist.? I’m a pear shape and don’t like high waisted jeans or shorts, but I don’t want the gap in the back of my jeans/shorts to show, butt crack… I would love some Khaki shorts, but all are too big in waist or tight on legs… Yuck!!

  11. Hi lovely curvy ladies, Good news I have created a Face Book Page for you to upload photo’s of you in your jeans. So I can see your body shape and deal with your jean dilemma’s with having a better idea of who you are. Don’t be shy….click here

  12. Love this blog post! I have an hour glass figure and my waist is 26.5″ and my hips are 40.5″. This means I can’t even fit a 30″ above my knee! A 32″ fits perfectly on my legs but as you can imagine is ridiculous around my waist! I find that stretchy, skinny jeans fit best but I’m desperate to find a looser fit, like a boyfriend or mom style. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere and tried everything on and it leaves me feeling very low and like there’s something wrong with my body (which is a shame because I’ve lost 4 stone and am very proud of what I have achieved). I think need jeans with a long zip so they open up wide enough for my thighs and hips. I would be so grateful if you had any advice! Thanks

    • Well done you for the massive weight loss! No there is definitely nothing wrong with you, it’s just your looking in the wrong places for jeans! I see you’re in London and I have to say, the US are better equipt to dress a curvy body shape. However you are in luck as GOOD AMERICAN is now available at Selfridges, yay! Now GOOD AMERICAN is co-founded by Khloe Kardashian who as you know has some big curves going on. GA jeans are in fact for sizes Uk- 4- 18 and the larger sizes are available in Selfridges too. Which I think is really brilliant to get them stocked there. They do the skinny high rise jeans and also the looser high-rise boyfriend styles too. Another brand that caters for curvy is True Religion and available online or in store in London. ASOS CURVE is another good place to find trend-led denim for curvy ladies but I think you may be too small as they start at a uk 14 to 24! I hope that has helped, thanks for your comment and let me know how you get on xx Sam xx

  13. I’m not exactly sure what body type I am. I have broad shoulders, small bust, definitely have a muffin top and bigger in the hips than the waist. I have the same problem with the gap in the waist at the back to get them to fit in the hips. Please help!

  14. Actually i am short, with big thighs,big butt with slight tummy.
    can you suggest which shape and which jeans should i be wearing?

    • Hi Sarvani, thanks for your comment. You haven’t mentioned your size so I’m just going to suggest purely on your shape. Now the rule of thumb when it comes to a curvy body shape is to balance the hips with a flare. However, because you’re petite in height you’ll need to keep the flare small so a boot cut or a baby flare would work well. Take a look at the PZI Riley Boot-cut in a short leg this brand is brilliant for women with curves and a butt. Also the Kaylee distressed straight leg in short is another good style. A boyfriend style is another shape to look at, this one is a slim boyfriend with a crop leg 27″ and a high waist (which will cover a bigger butt) by Good American. Another good brand for curvy women. Last one is the GOOD LEGS CROP RW RELEASED HEM 27″ by Good American. Please let me know how you get on!
      Best Sam x

  15. I’m curvy hour glass and hate high waisted jeans-they’re uncomfortable and unflattering. I find high end low waisted jeans with fabric that has some give but also keeps it’s shape (and don’t have small butt pockets-that make your butt look bigger) flatter most. and these are the types of jeans that aren’t available anywhere anymore

    • Hi Brooke, Good to hear from you! so your looking for jeans that will sit on your hips rather that around your waist. A wide waistband with double button fastening sounds like it could be a good one for you.
      Check out these styles :- Hudson Jeans – Baby boot which is a mid-rise (approx 8-9 inch)
      Paige jeans – Hidden Hills straight leg, rise 9″, comfortable wide waistband & double button fastening.
      Or Parker Smith Kam Skinny, has a mid -rise. I think the problem you’re having is due to the curvy styles are mostly high-rise. Also check out Jennie curvy mid-rise by True Religion, as the back pockets are big and you’ll get that nice denim feel.
      Let me know how you get on.
      Sam x

  16. I didnt see any of the models that fit my criteria in the jean department. I am 5’2, 32 waist and have thick legs. I can’t find a pair of jeans that fit right If they fit my legs there to big for my hips and waist if they fit right on my waist i would be lucky if i could past my knees. So no this page was not helpful..sorry

    • Hi Mercedes, sorry about that, it’s hard to get images that correspond to all the different body shapes out there. So it would be great if you could send me a photo of yourself so I can tailor my answers specifically for you. Upload a photo with your jean goals to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ILOVEJEANSCOM/
      #askthestylist and I’ll get back to you x

  17. Hi, unfortunately PZI is currently only available in the US. Hopefully soon there will be a way for UK curvaceous women to by the brand. I’ll keep you posted

  18. Hi, do you know if there is a UK stockist where I can purchase PZI jeans, I have looked and so far can only purchase in the US, the shipping charge is really steep

  19. Higher rise never solves the problem for me. I’m a 36 on top and a 38 on the bottom. The best solution for me is to buy something that fits in the hips and then have a seamstress rip off the waistband, take in the aerodynamic fin at the back, and put the waistband back on. Doubles the cost of the jeans, but at least I get something that fits.

  20. Loved your post.
    Alright, I am 5’6 tall and my weight is 57 kgs. A pear shaped girl. I have much of my weight around my hips and thighs leaving my legs and upper body look quite thin. Jeans only look good on me if you are looking at my hips and thighs ignoring my legs. Plz plz suggest me a jeans in which I may look good.

    • Hi Mary, So what i’m understanding is that your happy with your curves but not your legs? if this is right then stay away from skinny styles that will exaggerate your curves ( I do think it’s fine to wear skinny styles when you have curves, but in this case Mary’s not happy with her legs). So If you want to disguse your legs then go for a boot cut or a trouser jeans which will hide the shape of your legs. I recommed you have a look at PZI JEANS a curvy denim brand that really flatters your bootie and hips. Let me know how you get on, but if you need more help then fill out my questionnaire for more hands on guidence.

  21. I have an hourglass shape and my problems are as follows.

    The back rise is to low and my crack shows but the front rise is so high I can’t sit comfortably, to top it off the waist is 3″ too big but when I sit it still strangles my stomach up high meanwhile my butt-crack shows.

    I have tried all the “curvy” styles in almost all the brands and nothing fits!!!

    Anyone with my problem that’s found a jean that fits please do post!!!

    • Hi Jillian, Sounds like you need a curved waistband, so higher on the back and dips say an inch lower at the front so you don’t feel restricted when you sit.
      Have you tried Paige Denim ? The Hoxton and Margot styles are their high rise ones and both are great for curvy body shapes, Go with the Transcend fabrication as it’s stretchy and soft. Let me know how you get on!
      Sam x

      • Thanks Brooke, Levis 529 is a good curvy Boot Cut but not available direct from Levis, you may find them on Ebay or Kohls as they have been updated, you can check out the new boot cuts here
        I love it when you recommend your favourite styles!
        Sam x

  22. I love the color of the jeans that the Kardashian sisters are wearing. Wear can I buy those specific jeans?

  23. I thought pear shape isn’t necessarily about a smaller bust…for example, you could have an average to large bust but narrow shoulders (narrower than your hips) and be considered a pear. Is this correct?

    • Hi Gibby, A pear-shape tends to have a smaller bust, a bigger bust is the difference that makes an hourglass. We are all very different shapes, so this is just a guide. When I’m fitting just jeans the top half isn’t that important unless i’m looking at the whole outfit.
      I hope that helps… Sx

  24. Gap Curvy works really well. If you’re larger (ie UK size 14 and above) Evans do Pear Shaped jeans which means that you get the right fit over the thighs and at the waist too… loved them until I lost weight and dropped below a 14 (which in other shops btw would be a 16)

  25. That is very sensible info! I’d like to add this though: I’m very curvy (23.5-35.5) and have always had fit issues, esp with skinnies. However I recently got some very cheap jeans that are mid rise (got v lucky). I noticed the reason they fit great is because they have stretch, but they also hold a firm shape (esp around the saddlebags where I need it). Also they are straight legs, but almost look like skinny on me. Usual skinny jeans on the other hand, give me all sort of fitting issues and make my legs look fat (they are thick, even though I’m quite slim).

    • Good point Fairy!

      Jeans with over 2% stretch and a polyester/nylon mix tend to give a good hold, you may need to go down a size to get the waist vs hip ratio right. Also if a skinny is too much like wearing leggings then look for a straight leg or cigarette leg option to still get that streamline silhouette your wishing to achieve.

  26. My problem is that most jeans end up giving me back ache as they tend to always fall down so that I subconsciously adjust my posture. They’re all too baggy at the waist and I don’t wear the ones that sit on the hips as I’ve a tummy and it just looks gross.

  27. Great post thanks. Check out Lucky Brand Sofia boot jeans for curvy girls, the only jeans to date that flatter me in all the right places.

  28. hi sam & co-readers..
    i am n between pearshaped and hourglass..ur right its quite difficult to find a jeans that fits right in the hips and waist..im in Philippines and d only jeans i found here that has a high waist is LEVIS but its quite lengthy for me since im a 5’4 woman only..i ended up folding the edges when i wear it..any brand u can suggest or any style on how to wear a jean w/folded edges that i can follow..? help please..

    thanks a lot..

    • Can send picture so can tell me my shape i want jeans that make me look thick im not small but not wear size 8 in jeans but im bit short as well

  29. i am very curvy and DSTLD jeans hugs my figure in all the right places. the best ones i bought so far are the high waisted skinny jeans. the price point doesn’t hurt either. i bought them for $65 only!

  30. Love the post, but I’m wondering if your diagrams are labeled backwards. A hourglass is full in the bust and hips. A pear shape does not have the same fullness in the bust. It looks like the “left” and “right” are mislabeled?

  31. I love the jeans #8 of 16 with the hidden support panels and darts on the back pockets. What is this brand and where can I buy this. I am in Canada but willing to mail order if possible.

    • Hi, pleased you found a jean you like. It’s from a retailer called Next and they ship worldwide, you can click here to go to the jean to buy
      http://bit.ly/1soqCvG or click on the slider above which will take you to the same page. Let me know how you get on! Sam x

  32. Excellent post, but my problem is, my waist fits a size 10 but my bottom and thighs fit a size 12. I buy a 12 and it opens at the waist and looks scrunched with a belt. The size 10 is too tight around bottom and thighs but fits perfect on waist. please can you help?

  33. Excellent information! Please add more advice for curvy women if you ever have time! It is much appreciated!

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  36. I don’t know about other pear shapes, but actually the main problem I have is that when a pair of jeans fits around the hips it is too big & baggy on the leg – the part where it starts to taper from the thigh towards the knee. Do you have any advice for that problem?

    • Thanks for your comment. Sounds like your a slight pear,so look for a kick flare style that’s tighter in the thigh and goes out into a flare at the knee. So you get the best of both worlds!

    • exactly!! I have wide hips and a full butt! but very small legs… so i need waistbands to be wider, not smaller, but when I find an appropriate waist size, the legs are HUGE! I don’t think designers understand what an actual pear shape is…. we definitely don’t need tighter waistbands!

      • Yes! I’m very small to be considered “curvy” but I am an hourglass. When I look online curvy brings up larger sizes. I’m a 4. I have a 10 in difference in my waist to hip with very skinny legs. When I try to get jeans to fit my legs I have a 2 inch space between button and the hole at the top! I’m always squished in my guy from jeans. And I don’t want a flare leg. I am looking for a skinny jean . Also high rise don’t fit bc my hips are so tall. My hips and ribs meet. So the waist band narrows bf the jeans get past my hips! *sigh* surely someone makes jeans for people who are size small and have had kids! I have a flat stomach now but my hips are forever changed. I guess I’m to wear leggings and dresses or long tops with my jeans with the button left undone.

        • Hi Jessica, Thanks so much for your comment. Yes ‘Curvy’ comes in all sizes ‘Petite to Plus Size’ you just need to know where to find the right style/brand of jeans and that’s why I launched Ilovejeans.com 11 years ago. Firstly, from what you have explained it seems that the jeans you are buying/trying are not long enough in the rise or maybe you need a midrise instead. So what I would suggest is to measure your unique rise – Click here and follow my instructions. When you have your ‘Unique Rise Measurement’, you can then start shopping for jeans as this measurement is your guiding factor in finding the perfect jean for you… OK with all this in mind check out the following denim brands that cater for “Petite Curvy”.
          GOOD AMERICAN – Starts at size 00/24 approx a 10-inch rise.
          LOFT Mix of mid-rise/ high-rise.
          TRUE RELIGION Some styles on sale! Good mid-rise selection.
          I hope that helps, please feel free to message again or visit “ASK THE STYLIST” for more of a personal touch. Denim Love, Sam xxx

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