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Whatever the name Fuller figure, Plus size or Big & beautiful, you are voluptuous and tend to put on weight all over. Embrace your figure by stepping away from baggy jeans, stretch denim with 2% plus Lycra or Elastane is a must to give you comfort and hold you in.

Let your unique rise be your guide when it comes to slimmer leg styles and opt for a higher rise (9 inches upwards) to give you a comfortable fit. 

Depending on where you are in the world, we have your back! Please browse through our expert’s recommended styles for your best plus size jeans available from US and UK online stores.

FAQ About Plus Size Jeans For The Fuller Figure

What jeans look best on thick thighs?

Straight-leg jeans are a good choice for thick thighs because they have a consistent width from the hip down, helping to balance the look of your legs.

What jeans are best for a fuller tummy?

Any jean style can look great on everyone. But for extra comfort, high-rise or mid-rise jeans are usually better for fuller tummies.

What type of jeans are best for big thighs and short legs?

For big thighs and short legs, straight or slim-fit jeans work best. They have leg openings equal to or smaller than the knee, reducing excess fabric and improving the fit.

What jeans are best for big hips and thighs?

Wide-leg jeans are great for big hips and thighs. They help balance your shape and flatter your figure.

Do skinny jeans look good on big thighs?

You can wear skinny jeans no matter your leg size—whether they’re big, small, short, or long—if that’s what you like.

updated 4/25/24


Updated 4/25/24

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Be sure to stay true to your unique rise measurement. Nothing is worse than spillage or the dreaded muffin top which is caused by the rise being too low. Watch how to measure your unique rise here

Always check the fabric contents label for Elastane or Lycra with a nylon mix that will stretch but also recover its shape.

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