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choosing shapewear under jeans

Your guide to choosing shapewear to wear with jeans is about achieving a better shape, not about size.

We all have a love-hate relationship with jeans. They’re too tight, they’re too saggy, they cause love handles…the list goes on and on. Yet, a perfect denim look is always worth the hassle, right?!

What if there was a way to wear your jeans without all the problems you usually face? Enter, the magic of shapewear. Below, we’ll break down some specific types of shapewear to wear with jean styles so you never feel out of control in denim again!

Shapewear for High-Rise Jeans.

High-rise jeans are a flattering style for most women as they accentuate the waistline and keep the tummy held in. To create even more of an hourglass shape, you can try wearing a pair of high-waisted shaping bottoms or shorts for an added boost. Pair these with some of the best shapewear bras under your favorite tops.

choosing shapewear under jeans
High Rise Jeans

What To Wear Under High Rise?

Shapewear for Mid-Rise Jeans.

High-rise jeans are definitely trending at the moment, but if you’re a fan of mid-rise jeans, don’t worry, there is a shapewear solution for you. First of all, look for shapewear bottoms that are also mid-rise. The only way you can wear high-rise shapewear bottoms is if you are going to keep your shirt tucked in all day. Otherwise, you could wear a shapewear bodysuit. Mid-rise bottoms come in different lengths, so consider what you feel most needs to be slimmed. If you want your bum to be lifted and thighs sculpted, consider some lightweight shaping shorts

choosing shapewear under jeans
Mid-Rise Jean

What To Wear Under Mid-Rise Jeans?

Shapewear For Under Skinny Jeans.

Skinny jeans have been a staple for many women for years, but they can be tricky! They are not the most comfortable style because of their unforgiving curve-hugging silhouette. It’s also easy to have ‘panty-lines or VPL’ in skinny jeans, which is why you’ll need invisible shapewear with no seams for this style. The best shapewear to wear with your skinny jeans will have a tapered edge that disappears beneath your jeans.

choosing shapewear under jeans

What To Wear Under Skinny Jeans?

Shapewear For Jeans that Flatten the Bum.

We’ve mentioned them already, but shaping shorts are a must-have with any jeans that flatten the bum. Which, let’s face it, is most jeans. The fabric and construction of the stretchy shorts will give you the lift you need to create the look of a more perky tush.

As denim is a naturally thick material, you should opt for shapewear that is lightweight and medium compression when wearing jeans. There’s no need for high compression shapewear for jeans — save them for formal occasions. Pull out your old jeans that you didn’t think fit anymore and give them a try with these shapewear styles — you might be surprised how good they look!

choosing shapewear under jeans

What To Wear To Perk-Up The Bottom?

Yummie is the only shapewear brand women can actually wear day-to-day without feeling too constrictive! 

I’m definitely going to try a pair of Yummie shapewear shorts for my flat apple bottom to see how it holds in my tummy and lifts my bottom.

Is shapewear for jeans something you use? Let’s get chatting about it below!


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  1. I wear a super firm highrise panty girdle with severe thigh shaping and a very tight 4 to 5 inch super thick elastic top band. I wear not your daughters jeans 360 boost in the most severe skinny leg and skinny style I can get into. Per the size chart on the jeans I go down 2 full sizes. The jeans fit well and offer serious compression, the panty girdle I go down three sizes and the combo works well for me. When I first put everything on you feel like you cant really take a breath for about 20 minutes, but eventually your body gets used to the compression and more shallow breathing. Just like wearing a laced tight corset you adapt to upper chest shallow breathing, and of course you dont dare eat much of anything. This works great for a date or going out with friends. I have tried it at work and the super severe compression can make you feel to squished after a couple hours.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for your comment. That’s a lot of holding in & compression! NYDJ has the original Tummy Tuck built into the jean which does work when you go down a size. Everyone has their own way of figure-fixing and if this works for you good luck to you. Best Sam x

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