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curvy jean styles

You asked: Which jean styles can a curvy girl wear? We listened and tried to put it in an easy template for you to cut out to use when you go jean shopping.

There isn’t just one type of curvy body shape, jeans shopping would be so easy if this were the case! Oh no, there are four types of curvy sizes denim brands and retailers make jeans for. I’m going to take each curvy type and show you which styles of jeans work.

If you’d like a list of brands & retailers that cater for your curvy shape pop over to this post when you ready!

Plus Size Curvy

plus size curvy jean styles
cut out for shopping

Skinny Jeans can be worn by all sizes of curvy including plus size. You just need to make sure you always go for a high rise to give your figure more coverage. Not sure how high your rise should be? Read this. Also, make sure the fabric has a mix of stretch and recovery in the form of Polyester and Elastane.

Flared Jeans again need to have a high rise which will elongate the look of the legs. The flare is a great balancer with curvy hips and a bigger bottom and can look really feminine and showcase a curvy plus size tastefully.

Wide Leg Crop is a brilliant style as disguises the shape of the thighs and legs only showing a hint of the ankle. A good style to wear your favourite heels or ankle booties.

Balloon Leg is a new style you’ll see more of coming through this season. It’s a fuller exaggerated shape on the leg that goes in tight to the ankle. It’s a bit like the boyfriend jean and perfect for hiding legs!

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Tall Curvy

tall curvy jeans styles
cut out for shopping

Boot Cut Jeans have definitely had a revival and this classic really works for curvy body shapes. Why? well, it follows the shape of the curvy body shape giving a flattering slight flare at the calf ( originally for boots to fit under). A high rise will give the illusion of your long legs being even longer if that’s possible! Measure your natural rise here and let this be your guide of how high to go.

Skinny Flare is a crossbreed starting off as a skinny jean and then flaring out just past the knee again balancing those curves. There are jeans with a more exaggerated flare like this one which needs natural height vs curvature to wear it well. Totally up to you how extreme you’d like to go.

Vintage Skinny is a great everyday jean that works for all curvy body shapes. The rise is mid to high and the trick is to make sure the leg is long enough for your height, the exposed button jean above goes up to a 38″ inseam.

Wide Leg jeans can fill a great hole in your denim closet as it can work on two levels.

1) Team with a white shirt, add a blazer for work and high heel boots to give a cool classic look.

2) Add a slouchy sweatshirt and team with white sneakers for a relaxed style. Again the wide leg hides the legs but gives a streamlined finish.

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Petite Curvy

petite curvy jean styles
cut out for shopping

Crop Boot Cut sits above the ankle giving a slight flare to a high rise straight jean. It’s a really flattering shape as this jean is cut for a cheeky lift of the curves.

A Slit Flare is a petite girl’s dream with a subtle flare & a slit that doesn’t need shortening! When your a curvy petite it’s important to keep the elements such as a flare in proportion to your shape.

Slim Straight Ankle style could be your default style as it’s a true classic with lots of washes & colours. Lots of denim brands will offer a petite version of a regular curvy style that would have been modified for petite curvy body shape. But remember petite curvy comes in all sizes, not just small ones!

Skinny doesn’t have to be plain and boring, there are lots to choose from for the curvy petite. Animal print, coated, vibrant colors and interesting hemlines but make sure your buying from brands that cater for your curves foremost.

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Standard or Regular Curvy

cut out for shopping

Crop Hem or these (above) frayed crops are unlike normal skinny crop styles as the magic happens in the waist area with two small zippers that banish the gape at the waistband. A genius idea which offers the wearer a tighter fit around the waist.

Wide Leg Crop looks good on all curvy body shapes. The yoke of the jean (backbit under the waistband) is specifically placed to show off your curves and no back pockets to show off your curvy booty.

Skinny Jeans maybe a basic in your wardrobe but it’s important to get a basic that fits like a dream hugging your curvy body shape. Be sure to choose a skinny from a brand that specialises in your body shape.

Slit Flare style is one of my favourites as it offers something different with a bit of style. This style holds and moulds to your curves and is a perfect evening jean!

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I hope that’s answered your question and opened your eyes to the wider selection of different styles ‘all types and sizes of curvy body shapes’ can wear. All the jeans I have recommended come from brands that have specific ‘Curvy’ body shape styles in their collections.

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  1. You left out a type: “standard” size range, average height women who have a particularly small waist and very full hips/thighs. A relative of mine usually wears a 6 but has a 14” difference between waist and hip, and since PZI Jeans closed down she has had serious difficulty finding well-fitting jeans (even after alteration). She has tried American Eagle curvy fit, Madewell, and some others. Suggestions for extreme hourglass/pear curvy types welcome.

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