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It’s not a prediction from Nostradamus but those colourful people at Pantone have announced the #1 colour for 2015 is ( drum roll please) Marsala! What is that, well it’s an earthy brown colour with a shot of burgundy, reminiscent of 70’s cord flares my history teacher Mr Partridge wore! It’s a strange one especially for Spring Summer 15 but apparently it’s going to be everywhere from clothing, beauty, packaging, homeware to paint. It popped up in many collections on the SS15 catwalk last year Louis Vuitton was one of many. It’s a familiar colour to me as my dog Chai is the perfect Marsala hue, making an appearance above. I’m please to say that Marsala is a denim friendly colour and teams well with both light and dark indigo jeans.

So how do we integrate this colour into our lives and wardrobes? House of Colour Star Image Consultant Fiona Ingham tells us how….

Marsala, Pantone Colour of 2015 is great for Winters and Summers who are people with cool based skin tones (see colour wheel below). Its burgundy/maroon look is enhanced by the neutrals in their colour palettes: white, greys, black, taupe, navy and cool browns. Their pinks ranging from magenta to cyclamen, blues including royal and cornflower, emeralds and jade greens, purples, ice and powder colours complement it perfectly. Colour combinations for every look from business to party are easy to create. A damson or burgundy lipstick will complete the look.

House of Colour lipsticks 1: Damson 54 2: Burgundy 50 3: Burgundy 512

Autumn and Spring’s warm based skin tones mean they must work harder to blend this exact colour into their wardrobe, but Autumns can try chestnut which is similar but has a browner look. Springs equivalent could be the brighter terracotta.


Top tips for mixing pure Marsala into these warm palettes: keep it away from the face, use small amounts in accents, patterns or accessories. Splashes of Marsala will work for these seasons if combined with their warm based golds, corn and canary yellows, blues, leaf, forest, lime or apple greens, turquoise, kingfisher or peacock . Marsala can be teamed with warm based neutrals: greys, navy, cream, beige and camel, so lots of exciting possibilities!

These tips will ensure that the look is on trend and that Marsala is worn in a way that flatters you!


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