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The price I hear you say?! Sure, but there is another reason why premium denim brands such as Diesel, 7 For All Mankind, Paige Premium Denim, and Hudson can ask up to £150 plus for a pair of jeans.

The premium denim manufacturers justify the price due to the time and attention put into each pair of jeans. It’s all in the fabric, sewing and laundering.


The quality of the denim and where it comes from is an important factor when seeking out a great-fitting pair of jeans. Keeping their shape after the first wear is a sign of a higher-quality brand. Serfontaine has been the pioneer and leader in using new fabric innovations such as X-Fit and XLA bi-stretch, which has enabled them to provide one of the most versatile yet consistent fitting denim jeans on the market. Their denim utilises a new form of Lycra that has eight times as much memory as normal Lycra, called T400 Lycra. This means that with Serfontaine denim you can benefit from the stretch, but your jeans will not lose their shape.


The process the jeans go through is labour intensive; stone washing, chemical washing, sand-blasting, baking and whiskering are all methods used to get the desired finish and this bumps up the price of the jean. The whiskers (creased detail below the front pockets) are often hand sprayed on to give a worn and loved vintage look and feel. Organic denim can be left for days to bake in the sun to get the sun-bleached desired effect.


The brand Paper’s Denim Cloth, for example, is hand sewn. The back pockets are set by hand and shaped differently for each size of jean to ensure the best fit and a hand finished look. With this type of tailoring it’s understandable why the brand can ask up to £250 per pair. Hand woven denim by artisans using traditional hand weaving techniques gives a pair of jeans a custom made feel.

Supermarket and high street jeans will always have their place in the market and are often great for a quick fashion fix, but fall short when you’re looking for a great fitting pair of jeans -here’s why:

Mass manufacturing denim is all about quantity and getting the product out there rather than focusing on quality. The fabric used is basic denim to keep the cost down, so it’s not surprising that at the end of the day your jeans are a size bigger than when you put them on in the morning. High street retailers have started to realise that they need to cater for different body shapes and have introduced their own denim collections. The positive thing about the denim industry is that whatever your budget, there is a brand out there to fit it.

However, when you find a pair of perfect fitting jeans that you love and will wear at least three times a week, it’s definitely worth paying a higher price for them. Think of it as an investment you can enjoy now. Click to the shop and see for yourself

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