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How scary jean shopping can be!

On holiday I got chatting to a lovely lady who asked “did I work?” I explained that I have this Denim Blog and I help women find the best-possible jeans for their body shape.

She grew very emotional & with a frustrated look on her face told me jean shopping was her worst nightmare. how much money she had wasted on the wrong style of jeans. She was literally going to give up wearing them!

Her reaction to jean shopping was so negative, I promised to send her this webinar I did last summer, which I told her will give some great pointers and hacks when jean shopping.

I thought I’d better rewatch it as I didn’t want to terrify her, or cause a panic attack, also I may see her again next holiday!

As much as the lady in question hates jean shopping, I hate watching myself back on video tenfold. However, I was pleased I did, as it was a great reminder of usable jean hacks all can benefit from. A step-by-step way of easing a nervous person into shopping for jeans and being successful!

Watch the playback of the webinar below and if you have any questions either comment below or feel free to contact me on WhatsApp below:

Send me a message!

Click Below To Watch Playback In 31 Minutes:

Click above to watch:

If the thought of shopping for jeans gives you goosebumps I can help you for sure!

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4 Comments on Solve Your Jean Shopping Nightmares In 31 Minutes, Watch This!

  1. Hi Sam
    I’ve just watched your zoom and found that very interesting too. I didn’t realise that buying jeans was so involved!
    This was very helpful.

    • Hopefully, this Zoom demystifies exactly what women find tricky when buying jeans. As you now know it starts with knowing your ‘Unique Rise”. Thank you for taking the time to watch the video’s and comment. Much appreciated Carol. Let me know how you get on with your jean journey! Best Sam x

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