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I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my latest pair of jeans to put through the ilovejeans.com Tried & Tested review.

Now, these jeans are said to have a duel function of looking great and keeping the wearer warm, Cosy, Sexy, Cool.

I have to say I really feel the cold so when I was told about the launch of the thermal jean, combining my love of jeans with the need for warmth, I was excited to get testing!

I’m reviewing the Classic Straight Cut Dark Wash Jean, the UK’s first ever fashionable thermal jean by Angels & Men ,a newly launched premium denim brand . There are two styles in the current collection, a straight leg and a boot cut available in two washes.

The sizing starts at an UK 8 to a UK16. I found the sizing to come up a size large, so the 8 to be a 10, 10 to be a 12. Going down a size from your norm maybe best as these jeans are specifically designed to remain fitted to the body. An in depth sizing chart is available on the Angels & Men website.

As always lets look at the fabric content to see what our jean is made of (It’s similar to looking under a car bonnet at the engine). Fabric content: 98% cotton, 2% Spandex and 100% polyester interlining. The thermal fabric Fleecetec-Duothermalate™ is lined through out the jeans (even over the pockets).

Angels & Men explain, these jeans are designed for everyday wear, the jeans use a Duothermalate fleece fabric, which retains heat while still being fully breathable. This makes them adaptable to both indoor and outdoor activities and they can be worn throughout a working day or fun night out.

The material mimics the properties of wool. It is warm and comfortable, machine washable and quick drying. The fabric traps natural body warmth, both in the soft fluffy fleece layer next to the skin, and in the layer between the Duothermalate and denim. The amount of air between the denim and the Duothermalate is maximised by the lightly ribbed texture on the back of the fabric.

The question is can this thermal jean offer both “Function & Fashion?”

The Function part: As soon as my toes went through the legs of the jeans I could feel the softness and warmth of the fleece lining, my own body heat was retained and I felt a toasty, snug feeling around my legs. The jean seemed to retain it’s warmth in-doors, out-doors and in the car, perfect for a long winter walk with a pub lunch. I took the jeans off and tried on my normal denim jeans and immediately felt the reality of cold denim. 

Score for warmth: 5/5

The Fashion part: The style of the straight leg jean is clean, the denim feels soft with a slight stretch, exactly what I expect from a mid priced (£175) premium denim brand. The front rise is a mid to high rise ( depending on your size) the size UK8 measures 9 inches and the back rise 13.5 inches. This jean gives a good amount of coverage over the bottom area. Leg length is 32 inches.

Sadly the size 8 are too big for my apple figure (I need a UK6 which are not stocked just yet) so I called on my friend Elizabet (below) to try the jean. Elizabet is a standard size 10 and fitted the size 8, she has a boyish body shape with slim long legs.

The jean is a classic 5 pocket style,  a with gunmetal button and rivets.

Classic Straight Cut Dark Wash Jean £175

The pockets are well placed giving the bottom a good shape. The back pocket detail reminds me of the America Southern Cross flag as it has criss-cross  embroidery on the pocket, in my opinion gives the style a western feel.

Score for fashion: 3/5

 So to round up The Classic Straight Cut Thermal Jean:

As with all new denim brands the collection needs to evolve and find its niche on the shop floor and into our wardrobes. Personally the hook for me is the promise of warmth rather than the style of the jean. The function over rides the fashion element, which is fine as that’s really the whole point. I’d love to see a denim legging (jegging) in the collection for the skinny jean addicts.

The Straight Cut style is good for Boyish, Apple & Long & Leggy body shapes.

The Boot Cut style has a double button fastening and is a good shape for the curvaceous figure, Hourglass & Pear body shape’s take note.

I’m impressed that Angels & Men go to a size 16 and would love to see a size 6 added to the sizing as us little ones feel the cold as well!


Tell us what you think? Want to add your opinion on this style? Comment below….

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Reviewed by Sam Remer ilovejeans Denim Expert.


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