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 Bodymetrics Launch a New Generation of Body Scanner

Already a fan of Bodymetrics (I often sing their praises) so was intrigued to hear they had chosen New Look Westfield Stratford City to launch their new generation body-scanner.

Bodymetrics started in Selfridges in 2005 offering bespoke made to measure jeans they swiftly moved on working with known denim brand Serfontaine. Identifying three key body shapes and with Serfontaine’s denim technology a collection of ready to wear body conscious denim was born for Bodymetrics.

On our arrival into New Look the Bodymetrics scanner looked like it had just landed, somewhat of a UFO in Stratford City!

The last time I was scanned by Bodymetrics was back in August 2010 (read previous blog) and I was slightly horrified when I had to remove my bra when being scanned, especially when seeing the scan! However with the new generation body-scanner you can keep your underwear on and the body map is all over in a blink, takes longer to get re-dressed!

My email address and details were added to my scan which will be emailed to me at a later date with over 100 measurements of my body.  But that minute of scanning doesn’t stop at shopping for jeans, this is the science bit, so concentrate….

The aim of the 3D full body scanning machine is to provide retailers with customers exact body dimension, which can then be used within online retail stores by customers when purchasing clothes.

Once you have been scanned your body’s exact details and dimensions can then be stored online and accessed by selected retailers, allowing their websites to help you choose the items of clothing that will fit perfectly. Once the system is up and running and more retailers have access to your sizes the data will be available worldwide.

It’s an exciting concept that in time will be a reality of shopping on-line.

Suran Goonatilake, CEO, Bodymetrics explains:

“The body is the last piece of information to go digital. Most of your life is already digital – your friends, your music, your bank account – all accessible on-line, but your body is not. Bodymetrics together with PrimeSense is enabling consumers to store and access all their body information online and link this to retailers. Now, body scanning becomes a powerful platform for many retailers to provide the personalised fit and service their customers have always wanted,”

Until then the scanner is a perfect way to narrow down the options finding the best jeans for your shape & size.

Below are some of the jeans we tried on and the lovely Bodymetrics girls. We both bought the Leopard skinny jeans, a good fit and a snip at £25!

Bodymetrics will be at New Look Westfield Stratford City until 31st October. Get 25% off selected styles of denim at New Look.



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