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Bleulab denim a story of two jeans in one…

Just think, you’re going on a weekend break but have limited space in your overnight bag for both your day jeans and an evening pair, you have to make a choice and leave one behind. With a pair of BleuLab reversible skinny’s you don’t have to make that choice and they are comfortable enough to travel in too.

Ilovejeans blogged about Bleulab back in December 2011 (click here to read),

I’m lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of The Detour Airbrushed Lace Leggings in pink, a hot must-have for Spring Summer. I love it when denim has a double function and Bleulab definitely offers more than just a pair of  denim jeans.

My initial thoughts were the rise would be too low for my apple body shape. As I wriggled in the size 25 skinny I realized Bleulab  is serious contender for premium denim brands J Brand, Current/ Elliott and Paige.

The sizing starts at a 23 to 32.That’s approx a size 4 up to a 14

The sizing seems to be spot on, similar to J Brands sizing if your familiar with the brand (size 26 = 8  size 28 = UK 10, and so on)

Lace is a big trend for Spring and so is colour, this legging gives the wearer the option of dipping in to both trends.

As always lets look at the fabric content to see what our jean is made of (It’s similar to looking under a car bonnet at the engine)

The Fabric:

Fabric content: 95% Cotton, 2% Elastrell-P, 3% Spandex.  (Elastrell-p is a polyester alternative). A stretchy coated fabric that feels slightly cold and rubbery to the touch but lets your body breathe in a comfortable way.

The Fit:

A skinny legging fit that feels comfortable even when sitting down, the back rise is high enough not to show your underwear. The front rise for me ( an apple shape) is a perfect one.

Leg length is a 30 inch, which is a crop style on Long & leggy body shape and just right on someone like myself 5.2″. Or cuff the jean and show the reverse patten and style with boots of flats to suit your mood.

Suggested body shapes:

Petite, Apple, Long & leggy, Athletic, Hourglass & Small Pear.

I think the rise measurement will determine which body shape these leggings are suitable for. Meaning if your a pear or hourglass and need a higher rise 9 inches + then this isn’t the style for you!

Front rise: 8.5

Back rise: 13.5

Inseam: 30

Leg opening: 10.5

These are currently my favourite brand for a new concept that really pushes the denim boundary.

Bleulab men is due to launch soon and jackets will be added to the women’s collection – so watch this space.

So to round up the Bleulab Detour Legging:

This is a real reversible jean, functional back pockets on both sides of the jean. The front pockets are stitched down to give a smooth line over the tummy area. The coin pocket ( front) is usable. The zip is hinged so moves easily to fasten up whichever side you decide to wear, there are two sides to the button for fastening. It’s unusual to find both function and fashion in just one jean but Bleulab seem to have it sewn up!  Ok the price is £215, which is quite expensive but think of it like this, you get two for the price of one!

Bleulab scores 9/10 for function & fashion

Available exclusively at Donna Ida

See what Donna Ida has to say about the brand:

Millie Mackintosh styles the new reversible Bleulab Jeans at Donna Ida

Tried & Tested is written by Denim Expert Sam Remer, Founder of ilovejeans.com & Co founder of FitQueens


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