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Finally, Top Shop has launched a sustainable collection TS X CONSIDERED. It’s typically TS! I want to shop it all, even the dresses as they’re a similar shape to that bestselling Summer dress.!

Our Considered products have been designed to be more environmentally sustainable. We use lower-impact materials, innovative production methods and partner with certified suppliers across all of our key ranges.
We use at least 50% organic cotton, 50% lyocell or 20% recycled material (polyester or cotton). To ensure products are of the highest quality, we can’t always include more than 20% recycled material. While we continue to put quality at the forefront of our designs, we are working closely with our suppliers to increase the number of more sustainable fibres in our products.

It’s a great start coming from The Arcadia Group who have a massive part to play in changing the way we shop fast fashion. So let’s check out the new range below the price points are in keeping with TS normal collections, the recycled leather patch jackets are quite expensive at $420. (you may find something similar in a thrift store cheaper).


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I think the jeans are really worth investing in and I’m loving these pretty sheer blouses and that floral dress in pink will look great with ankle boots or sneakers! I’m excited at this collection.

If you shop at Top Shop UK you’ll find a few more items added to the collection you won’t see in Top Shop US just yet, so worth taking a look!


Get to know your sustainable fabrics by checking what’s on the care label.

Top Shops vision is to replace all ‘conventional’ materials with sustainable alternatives over time. “To achieve this vision, we collaborated with a specialist consultancy to compare the environmental impacts of our most commonly used materials. This work has been distilled into a toolkit that helps our product teams identify, procure and market more sustainable products. We incorporate organic and recycled materials into our products whenever we can.


Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and has a lower impact on the environment.


Recycled cotton is sourced from textile leftovers, which are broken down and spun into new yarns for our fabrics. It is better for the environment because it reduces our consumption of raw materials.


Contains polyester from recycled plastic bottles, textiles and other plastic items, helping to conserve natural resources.


Using recycled wool helps to conserve natural resources and prevents leftover textiles from being wasted.


Lyocell is a cellulosic fibre, derived from trees grown in sustainably managed forests. Lyocell is manufactured in an environmentally responsible closed-loop system where chemicals are recycled. We mostly used branded Lyocell fibres, such as Lenzing TENCEL.

I think it’s an easy collection to buy into and feel good about doing your bit for the environment. All we need now is for Top Shop to start collecting your old clothes for recycling!

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Have your say below, do you like this collection? What pieces are you looking to buy?

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