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A collage of Jacket, Boots, sunnies, cap, secy top, sandals, croptop blacer in stripe black and white cute bag, jacket and a tshirt.

White jeans can take you everywhere, to the chicest restaurants or hottest parties. It will be the easiest piece of clothing you own, as you can style it with everything. I thought!

In preparation for writing this post I posed a question to a wonderful private Facebook group, I’m a member of called Style Sisterhood. I asked “How do you feel about white jeans, Love or Hate? Simple enough question, right? OMG, I really wasn’t expecting such a strong mix of feelings to come back. So after 90 odd comments later I’d say it was 50/50 loving/ hating the great white!

TEAM CON: The general consensus here is that the white jean just does not fit into a busy working life of motherhood, family, and pets. The lightest color was reserved for middle-aged women, too high-risk low reward, and the stress of spilling something on them on a night out put women off.

TEAM PRO: The women who love wearing white felt it liberating and by shopping their closets they found more options to style which was inspiring. There wasn’t too much of a worry about getting mucky and being a larger size didn’t stop them from embracing the white jean.

I found this insight so interesting, there is no right or wrong here it’s all about preference and where you are in you currently in your life.

Tempted to try – read this!

Fear not as US retailer Chico’s has a selection of white denim with a “No Stain White” promise that is powered by Stain-Repel, Bright-White™ technology, these jeans stay white for up to 20 washes and repel water-based stains! And yes they do ship worldwide!

Here’s How To Wear 1 Pair Of White Jeans All Year Round

Click below to see how to wear white jeans all year round & watch a styling video clip.

Check out the fabulous women below all rocking their white denim for all seasons!

Anything goes, team a bright accent top for Summer, pattern blouses for office style, and a crop tie top for when the heat is on. Striped jumpers for that Parisian Chic, and add a leather jacket for Autumn. Layer an all-white outfit and inject nude shoes and accessories for an elevated style. Shop your closet and bring your personality into the outfit.

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Step Into The White (Jean) Light

Hand on my heart everyone can wear white denim, you just need to know what's the best style for your body shape before you indulge in the great white jean. Make this an investment purchase, as you will probably only have one pair in your wardrobe ( if you have more kudos to you my friend) so to ensure you get the best fit be prepared to pay a bit more if you can.

Out-of-season sales and Black Friday is a fab time to bag a premium denim/designer pair for less. Head over to the sale website The Outnet and take a peek at what's on offer!

Now, if you've had your colors analyzed and white isn't in your color palette but an off-white, ecru, bone or cream is, then use this neutral as your white shade.

Frequently Asked Questions On Wearing White Jeans.

Is wearing white jeans a good idea?

Wearing white jeans is a mood lifter, refreshes not only your look but also gives you a confidence boost. It's a great alternative to blue or black denim.

Can big women wear white jeans?

Good question! This is why I have written this blog post as white jeans can be worn by all body shapes, and no one is exempt.

Should I listen to the rule about not wearing white after Labor Day?

I wouldn't bother following a rule that was started in the 1900s about not wearing light or white colors after Labor Day which represents the end of the Summer. If you do you'll be missing out on the enjoyment of styling white jeans with cosy cashmere jumpers and warm boots for Fall. Don't miss out!

Should white jeans have stretch?

Good question! Denim influencer Bex Does Denim say "Keep the stretch to a minimum. If there's too much stretch, you'll start to see all imperfections through the whiteness of the denim. So in this case Elastane/ Lycra is not your friend". Stick to 100% cotton or a fiber mix with 1% stretch.

Can white jeans be worn year-round?

White jeans can be worn all through the year. It's the clothing you style the white jeans with that will need to change for appropriate weather temperature. Such as heavier boots /shoes. White jeans with brown or navy accessories bring the white jean into a new season and away from the Summer staple. The possibilities are endless.

How to clean white jeans

Don't let the thought of cleaning your white jeans put you off from owning a pair. Firstly try not to wash any of your jeans before you've worn them 5 times. With white, your aim is to spot clean the stain but first find out what the stain was from. Wine, dab with seltzer, or carbonated water straightway! For coffee, food, or grass stains use soap, washing up liquid, or shampoo to get out the stain.

If you're really savvy carry a Tide To Go Pen in your handbag for emergencies.
Wash with an eco detergent in a 30-degree wash, obviously with other whites only. Hang the jeans in the sun, which has a natural bleaching effect.
Do not use bleach unless it's very watered down or your end up with yellow jeans!

Choose Your Body Shape Below. Click When You See The Jean For You!

Different models with different sizes wearing and posing for a white jeans.

edited 03/05/24


If you're a lady with 'curves' follow these simple rules when shopping for jeans.

  • Go for a higher rise as this will elongate your body and banish a muffin top instantly. Not sure what rise you are, click here.
  • If you are heavier on the hips the style for you is a kick flare, which's slimming on the thigh and then kicks out into a flare at the knee. This will give balance to the widest area of your hips and lengthen the leg.
  • If you have a slight curve then you can go for a slimmer leg shape.  Roll the hem up to the ankle to lengthen your leg and give you a cropped option.
  • Yes, you can wear skinny jeans but make sure your front rise is high and your back rise gives good cover when you sit down.




If you're a lady with a fuller figure follow these simple rules when shopping for white jeans.

  • Look for jeans with no more than 2% Lycra ( stretch) as any more can cling & start to show lumps & bumps.
  • Ensure the fabric is not thin or see-through ( check to see if your underwear shows)
  • Don't forget to do the sitting test when trying them on. ( jeans need to be comfortable at all times).
  • Make sure you get the perfect rise for your body shape as we are all different!




If you're a lady with an apple body shape follow these simple rules when shopping for jeans.

  • Apple's look for a mid to high rise and narrow leg shape to show off those slim legs!
  • Look for white jeans with faux front pockets so as not to add bulk to an apple's tummy area.
  • Or ask the shop if they offer a tailoring service and have the front pockets removed so the pocket shape isn't showing, this gives a clean smooth look to the jeans.
  • A tummy control or waist slimming jeans will give an Apple a svelte silhouette.
  • Wear your control-shapewear with white jeans.




If you're a petite lady follow these simple rules when shopping for jeans.

  • Check out the selection of Petite clothing collections as they are scaled down for women 5'2 and under.
  • Keep to low to mid-rise jeans so as not to swamp your petite frame.
  • There are lots of crop styles available this summer that may be full length on a petite body shape.





If you're a tall lady follow these simple rules when shopping for jeans.

  • Although you're blessed with long legs, it can also be frustrating not to be able to buy jeans of the peg.
  • Do your homework as to which brands/stores offer a longer leg 34 to 38 inches.
  • Skinny jeans are always going to come up short but flares tend to have a longer length.
  • Keep an eye for Supermodel collaborations with denim brands or designers such as Forever Karlie for Frame Denim, created for the long & leggy lady.



So after reading the above, I'd love to know if I have got any new recruits for these amazing jeans that can be teamed with everything in your closets.


Sam Remer wearing a white jeans and a jacket.

I hope this post has been helpful to you, please feel free to comment below as I'm happy to answer any denim dilemma!


  1. Wow, what an insightful and helpful article! I’ve always been hesitant to wear white jeans, but this guide has completely changed my perspective. The way it breaks down which white jeans work best for different body shapes and offers styling tips is incredibly practical and inclusive. Now, I feel confident and excited to try out some white jeans outfits that will truly flatter my body shape. Thank you for sharing this valuable fashion advice!

  2. I loved this post, but I love all of your posts!
    Would it be possible to have one with the best brands or best styles of high rise jeans? (Rises at least 10″ and above to 11″, 12″, 12 1/2″). If you have already done one, then maybe an update?
    You are definitely the go to girl for all denim!

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