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White jeans can take you everywhere, to the chic-est restaurants or hottest party. When I wear my white MiH Marrakesh Flares I know it’s going to be a good night as I feel great in them.

Everyone can wear white jeans, you just need to know what’s the best style for your body shape before you indulge in the great white jean. A pair of white jeans is an investment purchase,  you will probably only have one pair in your wardrobe so to ensure you get the best fit be prepared to pay a bit more.



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If you’re a lady with curves follow these simple rules when shopping for white jeans.

  • Do go for a higher-rise as this will elongate your body and banish a muffin top instantly. Not sure what rise you are, click here.
  • If you are heavier on the hips the style for you is a kick flare, that’s slimming on the thigh and then kicks out into a flare at the knee. This will give balance to your widest area your hips and lengthen the leg.
  • If you have a slight curve then you can go for a slimmer leg shape.  Roll the hem up to the ankle to lengthen your leg and to give you a cropped option.


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If you’re a lady with a fuller figure follow these simple rules when shopping for white jeans.

  • Look for a jean with no less than 2% Lycra ( stretch) for comfort.
  • Ensure the fabric is not thin or see-through ( check to see if your underwear shows)
  • Don’t forget to do the sitting test when trying on. ( jeans need to be comfortable at all times).


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If you’re a lady with an apple body shape follow these simple rules when shopping for white jeans.

  • Apple’s look for a mid-rise and narrow leg shape to show off those slim legs!
  • Look for a white jean with faux front pockets so not to add bulk to an apple’s tummy area.
  • Or ask the shop if they offer a tailoring service and have the front pockets removed so the pocket shape isn’t showing, this gives a clean smooth look to the jeans.


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If you’re a petite lady follow these simple rules when shopping for white jeans.

  • Check out the selection of Petite clothing collections as they are scaled down for women 5’2 and under.
  • Keep to a low to mid-rise jean so not to swamp your petite frame.
  • There are lots of crop styles available this summer that maybe full length on a petite body shape.


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If you’re a tall lady follow these simple rules when shopping for white jeans.

  • Although you’re blessed with long legs, it can also be frustrating not to be able to buy jeans of the peg.
  • Do your homework as to which brands/stores offer a longer leg 34 to 38 inch.
  • Skinny jeans are always going to come up short but flares tend to have a longer length.
  • Keep an eye for Supermodel collaborations with denim brands or designers such as Forever Karlie for Frame Denim, created for the long & leggy lady.

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