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The Denim Detective:

The Mission – Review the Bodymetrics Denim at Selfridges.

The last time I visited Bodymetrics was back in 2006 when they were offering “made- to -measure jeans” using revolutionary body scanners. This time my mission was to see how the Bodymetrics brand had developed and find out about their new “body shape” Jeans.

Based on the Bodymetrics expertise in body scanning from analysing 10,000 body scans they have identified three jeans shapes named Emerald, Sapphire & Ruby. Working with US premium denim brand Serfontaine to design jeans specifically for theses jean shapes I found the selection of jeans vast with different leg shapes, styles and washes in all three jean shapes

Like a true denim detective I was led by Laura a jean consultant into the room that housed the scanner .She explained I needed to remove my clothing, jewellery and bra! (I could keep my knickers on) Stand on the foot markers, press a button and the scan started. Just one scan and all my body measurements were instantly taken and recorded.

After dressing I joined Laura at the till and she showed me on a screen the 3d scan of my body, it was definitely me and showed my exact shape! By looking at the scan she was able to tell my jean shape and the size I needed to try on. Emerald shape size 26, I decided to test Laura’s insight into my shape and what would suit best so I asked her to make the choice for me. She came buy zolpidem online south africa back with only two pairs of Serfontaine both straight legs in a dark wash. A good choice I thought.

Surprisingly they both fitted like a glove. I preferred the styling of one more than the other and Laura suggested I go down a size due to the stretch factor. A good call. In under an hour I had been scanned, tried three pairs on and found a perfect pair. A sweetheart drainpipe, straight body style with a mid rise in a dark stretch denim. They were such a good fit, they could have been made for me!

The conclusion: The Bodymetrics scanner combined with the option of being one of the three jeans shapes totally eliminates the bad fitting jean. Cuts down on the time spent in the changing room and gives the option of the best possible fit available. All this coupled with the denim technology of Serfontaine makes the service in my opinion the closest to perfect fitting jeans available today.

What’s your Jean Shape?

  1. Emerald – Cut straight across the waist and hip. Narrow through the thigh for an ultra modern silhouette.

  2. Sapphire – Moderately contoured from the waist though the thigh for a timeless classic shape.

  3. Ruby – Contoured to shape and flaunt your feminine curves.

Price £195 -sizes 23 to 34.

Celebrity fans include Donnatella Versace & Lily Cole.

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Exclusively at…


3rd Floor Oxford Street

Denim Wall, Europe’s

largest Jeans bar.

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