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Fathers Day is fast approaching so I thought I would tackle the Dad Denim Dilemma.

Is your Dad’s denim is similar to watching your dad dance,  out of time and stuck in a time-warp? Often jeans are worn as ankle swingers and hoisted up far to high on the waist, aka Simon Cowell. Not to mention that Jeremy Clarkson 80’s stone-wash look, so many dads tend to adopt. Yuck!

The Daily Mail reported: The way a man wears his trousers is directly linked to his age, researchers claim.

The height of a man's waistband directly relates to his age, new research shows  Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1246486/How-wearing-Simon-Cowell-style-trouser-waistband-sign-youre-getting-old

Boys under the age of 12 wear their trousers around their natural waist – because most of their clothing is bought for them by their parents. As they enter their teenage years, waistbands plunge a full five inches towards the apex of the hips as a sign of rebellion, a survey suggests.

By the age of 27, a chap of the average build will probably wear his waistband actually around his waist.

But at 39, it begins to rise again and by 45 it will be at least two inches above.

This figure increases significantly past 50 – Simon Cowell’s current age – to a peak of five inches by 57. This is just seven inches below the armpits.

As pensionable age approaches, men’s waists shrink, allowing them to lower the height of their trousers.

By 65, waistbands are three inches above the natural waist, and by 75 only an inch, although very few men ever return to the neutral position.

There are, of course, significant exceptions. Men with a paunch are known as Under And Over Achievers-because they wear their trousers above their true waist if they can and below if they cannot.


The two key elements to choosing jeans for any man should be body shape and age.

Sally Allen Founder of Wizard Jeans dislikes the baggy bum jean look so much she  created a jean for men with a ‘form fitting technology’ giving a smarter and leaner look. There are three styles to choose from, Brad Jet Black, Brad Blue or Redford – each style will help guarantee a streamlined silhouette and will work well dressed up with a shirt and suit jacket or down with a jumper or t-shirt.

Sizes: 30 -42inch waist with a 34inch inseam. £120.

Ilovejeans say’s: A clean dark denim jean is a must for every Dad’s wardrobe, whatever the age. We like Wizard Jean Men’s Collection as it offers the man who is worried about his waist size to have the option of a jean that comfortably pulls in the tummy giving an illusion of a slimmer waist.




Dolce & Gabbana Distressed Straight Leg Jeans £275

Let this Dolce & Gabbana Distressed Straight Leg Jeans £275 be your guide on how distressed a Dad should go with his jeans.  The worn distressed style is a big trend for denim, with jeans prices rising to £400 plus as the wash is often worked on by hand. It’s more of a younger look middle-age Dads should avoid. The straight leg offers a smarter shape to your jeans and one that will never date.


Nothing is worse than jeans that look too short on a man. Always opt for the longer leg if you are unsure the shorter one may be slightly too short. If you have an in-between height or the brand doesn’t cater to your leg length, take your jeans to a tailor to be altered. Remember to take the shoes you will be wearing with your jeans for the tailor to pin to the required length.

Want to keep the Original Hem?
Stateside it’s called a “tricky hem” or a European hem”. In the UK we call it the “American” hem. It’s a way of shortening ones jeans and keeping the original hem intact by re-attaching it after shortening. It’s a great way to keep the original look of the jean if the bottoms are faded or frayed. This can be an expensive alteration, as it takes longer than standard hemming. Approx £15 to £25.

Give your dad The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift, book a Denim Styling Session with our  in-house stylist, who will tailor the session to his body shape, age and budget. It’s an original gift he will love!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1246486/How-wearing-Simon-Cowell-style-trouser-waistband-sign-youre-getting-old-.html#ixzz1xfquNBla

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