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There’s a ton of stripe jeans on the high street all offering a different look and shape. Stripes are a girl’s best friend!

You know where you are with stripes, they are a fail-safe print in our wardrobes. I have four or five Bretton tops in my wardrobe which I love to wear with jeans, especially white jeans.

But stripe jeans, I wasn’t so sure until I tried Pull and Bear Printed mid-rise skinny fit jeans below.

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I like these because the stripes are thin and widely spaced which gives the illusion of a slimmer leg. Stripes are great for all body shapes because they have a fantastic elongating illusion depending where the stripes are featured. Tuxedo stripes down the side of the jeans (see below) can make your legs look like supermodels!

I really like this Short sleeved striped pleated T  for the fabric and the vertical coloured stripes that come in two colour-ways, such an easy top to wear!

Note: Vertical stripes add length and give the illusion of being taller, which is great if you’re a short waisted Apple body shape!stripes are a girls best friend


Check out just how easy it is to style wear stripe jeans below:

stripesimages: @themichellewest   @la.adrianaa   @mareireezy  @masharoush


Are you into stripes like me? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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