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Tuesday evening I had my eye’s wide open when I entered ‘Catto Gallery’. An intimate art gallery showing denim artist Ian Berry’s latest exhibition, Behind Closed Doors and a smaller twin exhibition My Beautiful Launderette. (read next post).

Ian and I met in 2014 in Amsterdam, since then I have followed his career and blogged about his achievements, however I had never truly seen his work up close until this private view. I am completely blown away at the intricacy of his talent and his commitment to his craft as it is clear that these collages have his blood, sweat and tears woven into the denim he uses to create this art.

Ian Berry ‘Behind closed doors’ Promo 2016 from Catto Gallery TV

Behind Closed Doors is a collection of collages the subject matter being the interiors of strangers houses. What really goes on behind these closed doors the viewer is left to ponder on while focusing on the layering of the different textures and shades of denim cut out to form the picture.

Cleverly Ian creates the mood of the scene by using darker indigo denim to give a feeling of loneliness in the pictures below. A lighter denim and the mood is lifted in his story of things aren’t always how they appear. “There’s always this gap between perception and reality”says Ian. “People might look at my life and think it’s very glamourous” But the truth is always more complicated. In my new works I was thinking about these ideas”.

denim artist behind closed doors


denim artist material life


denim artist - perfect starnger


denim artist house beautiful

Below are close-up details, to give you an idea of how denim artist Ian cuts and lays out every piece of the collage.


altdetails of behind closed doors


Personally I feel denim is wonderful and unusual medium, it has a life of its own.  When Ian uses it to create his art it adds depth to the story. I find it moving and telling as our lives are layered just like Ian Berry’s work.


Behind Closed Doors is on till 30th November and I urge both art lovers and denim heads to view Ian Berry’s work as it will delight and move you.

Gallery Different

14 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DR

Opening hours

Mon-Sat 10-00-18-00

Sun 12.30- 18.00


For more on Ian Berry click here

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