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Welcome back to “Show & Tell Your Denim!”

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In Episode 2 ilovejeans.com asks Canadian Ani Wells founder /owner of Simply Suzette a cool sustainable online platform that bridges the gap between the denim industry and us the consumers, what are her 3 all-time favorite denim pieces.

She definitely doesn’t disappoint as you’ll see in the video which jeans she chose to show us and why.

First I wanted to ask her a couple of questions as I always find it interesting which denim brand a denim expert starts off wearing in the early days. So I asked Ani what was her first pair of jeans she remembers loving and how did they make her feel…

Ani Says…

My first pair of jeans was when I was very young, but I remember wanting a pair of my first premium pair at age 11. I somehow was interested in the quality and couldn’t get enough! My first real pair of jeans at 11 years old, were a pair of 7 For All Mankind bootcut jeans and they made me feel like a superstar”.

What have you been doing in lockdown that you’ll carry on doing when real-life resumes? 

What have I been doing that I will take with me:
I have gotten very good at time blocking which I will definitely be carrying with me, but also I’ve realized I need to give myself more time. Time to wake up, time to work out, and time for each task! I always try to cram things in and I know that is not how I am going to succeed 🙂

Let’s watch Ani’s IGTV video below…

Watch IGTV – Show & Tell Episode #2

Shop Simply Suzette’s Style

As you can see from the video Ani @simplysuzette has a unique style she calls her minimal ‘uniform’ which comprises a button-down shirt, converse, vintage t-shirt, jewelry, and of course sustainable jeans!

simply suzette Show & tell
Ani Wells @simplysuzette
Simply Suzette Show & tell
Ani Wells @simplysuzette

Ani is an advocate for keeping her life as sustainable & minimal as possible. I really liked her jean choices in Show & Tell as it really gave us an insight into how she lives her lifestyle.

3 Favourite Jeans

The first pair of jeans was designed by Ani after years of trying on jeans and collecting measurements that work with her body shape. She worked with a Pakistan denim manufacturer Soorty Enterprises using their Cradle2Cradle Line, creating a light denim straight leg jeans she clearly loves.

The second pair of jeans was from a denim brand based in Italy Blue of a Kind where they (re)craft high-quality vintage garments by picking them apart in their factory and carefully replacing them back together by hand to live another day. I truly love this idea and they have a fantastic selection of Jeans & jackets.

The last jean was a cool vintage Wrangler find at the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena California.

Shop Ani’s Minimal Style below:

I really hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek into Simply Suzette’s closet which is a great introduction to her website and blog Diligent Denim

Visit her here:


@ simplysuzette

More exciting episodes to come, keep watching @ilovejeanscom IGTV

Keep Inside + Keep Safe + Keep Wearing Denim!

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