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Peter Golding Show & Tell Your Denim

A warm welcome to denim veteran Peter Golding to episode 7 Show & Tell Your Denim!

Peter Golding known as” the Eric Clapton of denim” is foremost the fashion designer that shaped the denim industry with the worlds first stretch jean in 1978. He also created the infamous ‘Rock Fit Jean’ born in the early ’80s which was stocked in his London, Kings Road shop named ACE. Peter dressed a plethora of famous people including The Rolling Stones, Queen and Guns & Roses. His Rock Fit Jean went global!

ACE shop Kings Road
The Ace shop
Peter Golding Ace Shop
Inside Ace Shop
peter golding

I met Peter back in the mid-’90s when I was booked to style one of his denim collections. Since then we have kept in touch and I’m so grateful that he has shared his vast experience and denim life with us. He is a collector of his own creations and nearly all the pieces from the mid-70s through the 80s in the IGTV below are from his Peter Golding clothing label and Kings Road shop ACE with its celebrity clientele.

I’m sure you know the drill by now but in case you don’t, I like to ask my guests a couple of questions below before we watch the video…

Peter Say’s

What have you been doing in lockdown that you’ll carry on doing when real-life resumes?

 “Well, I’ve been busy sorting out my 40 years of jeanswear and fashion archives, great fun to do but plenty to look through! Then I have been busy with my music, recording harmonica with backing tracks. Also stuff for my band Cafe Django. I’m also following up on my book Rock Graphic Originals. It’s a good moment to cool out and get ready for the next take-off! Whenever that comes!

Since being interviewed on the award-winning documentary film RiverBlue. Do you think the fashion industry is moving in the right direction?

 “Well, the denim industry is now very focused on the environment which is of course great. Hopefully a better direction for the real deal rather than the cheapest..but, in the end, it’s the consumer who calls the shots. I see continued respect and demand for an authentic product just as in the same way some of the great bands of the past are enjoying bigger than ever comebacks !” 

Watch IGTV – Show & Tell Episode #7

Shop Peter’s Style:

peter golding

Peter loves rocking double denim, a T-shirt, Wrangler chambray shirt, Vintage Lee Jacket and his own label jeans are his uniform.

Vintage Ace Clothing

Don’t you just love those appliqué hot pants made by ‘Jungle Jean”! I also found this Peter Golding ‘Ace Jungle Jean’ Denim Dress, c. 1974 (sadly sold out ) but you can see the workmanship and style back then.

Let’s get nostalgic! Here’s a selection of “Peter Golding’ second-hand pieces for sale below!

I hope you enjoyed episode 7!

For more info on Peter Golding, his music and Art Collection visit below:


Buy the book: Rock Graphic Originals: Revolutions in Sonic Art from Plate to Print ’55 -’88

photos: All images (c) Peter Golding Collection. http://www.paulgormanis.com/

I’m so enjoying curating ‘Show & Tell Your Denim’ and seeing the true love of denim and connecting people together.

Feel free to comment below!

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Taken in Amsterdam – looking forward to going back!

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  1. I have a pair probably had them over 20 years ,they have gold embroidery and little gold/ brass studs all the way up the legs, I would post a pic but can’t see how to ,would love to find our more about them .

  2. Hello Elaine,

    How wonderful to come across a picture of this Ace Jeans dress by Peter Golding. Many years ago, when I worked for a fashion house in Melbourne, I was fortunate enough to come across one of these dresses in our old sample room. My boss let me keep it and I used it for a 70’s dress up party way back in the early 90’s. Many dresses have been and gone but I always kept this one. It’s so unique and well made. I can send you photo’s if you are interested. It is in need of a wash but is otherwise perfect. Do you think it it still has any market value?
    Alisha x

  3. Hi, I’ve recently cleared some old clothes of mine from my mum’s house and discovery many pairs of vintage denim jeans. Among them is a pair and of Peter Golding ‘balloon’ jeans. They are pale blue denim with a pattern of random blue dots and white, Japanese writing. The waistband back features a logo tag with Peter Golding ‘Viva Italia’ stamped over what seems to be the Japanese flag. A real mash up of cultures. There are two deep, rectangular back pockets. The jeans have a neat high waist band with belt loops The jeans curve out gently from from the waist and back in again at the ankle. i think I bought them from Ace jeans store in the early eighties when I lived briefly on the Kings Road. The front features two slanted pocket and a triangle flap that extends from the zip fly across to the popper fastening below the waist band on the hip. Apart from fading down the right and across the left legs, these jeans are in excellent condition with no stains or holes. I can send you photos.
    Have you come across anything like these jeans in Peter Golding archive?

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