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show & tell Michelle Berkley

Welcome to the 5th Episode in the Show & Tell Your Denim Series. I’m so enjoying connecting with like-minded denim lovers across the globe.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Michelle Berkley, entrepreneur and influencer, of Parisian lifestyle blog @emelby_lifestyle_blog_paris. Michelle dishes up fashion and lifestyle hacks in her gorgeous Paris apartment all revealed on her IGTV channel.

Let’s ask Michelle a couple of questions to see how she ticks before you watch her IGTV video.

Michelle Says…

What have you been doing in lockdown that you’ll carry on doing when real-life resumes?

“Spending more quality time with my husband and sitting down for dinner with him every evening; listening to all my old jazz CDs and Bob Dylan; throwing out lots of junk, and keeping my cupboards spotlessly clean and tidy!”

If you could choose any woman in history to be in lockdown with who would it be? 

“Victoria Wood who is not really a historical figure per se, but boy did she make me laugh, and has been a huge source of inspiration for me”.

You create lots of interesting hacks on Instagram, which life hack do you swear by? 

“Having the sugar in the screw-top bags or at least putting your bags of sugar in a ziplock bag, as sprinkles of sugar cause ants and pantry flies, and believe me, you don’t want those!” 

Watch IGTV – Show & Tell Episode #5

Shop Michelle’s Style

Michelle loves french brands and has an eye for clever design and beautiful packaging she’s honed from her design background. I like the fact Michelle has a keen eye for good quality and uses a hi/ lo mix of brands, (she loves Monoprix) you can see this in her video above.

Shop + Slide below:

Check out Michelle’s style tutorials & pantry hacks here.

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To see more of EMELBY Michelle Berkley Parisian Lifestyle be sure to check her out below:


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Keep Inside + Keep Safe + Keep Wearing Denim!

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