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show and tell Kinsu

Ariane Brunet-Juteau founder of Kinsu is a very talented Denim Upcycler so I’m so excited to invite her to Show and Tell Your Denim episode 6!

Ariane launched Kinsu in 2015 after extensively travelling the globe. She lived in the Rocky Mountains for a year, Beijing for three years perfecting her craft, after she returned to her home town Montreal.

You may be asking “What is Upcycling?” I really like Kinsu’s explanation below:

Upcycling is an intelligent way of reusing old materials while lessening your carbon footprint. Consider it a ‘high-end’ version of recycling that occurs via artistic inspiration. For me, upcycling is all about removing the material from its original context and enabling a future use that upgrades its value.

Upcycling pays tribute to preloved materials.

So as you know I like to ask my guests a couple of questions before we watch their video.

Ariane Says…

What have you been doing in lockdown that you’ll carry on doing when real-life resumes? 

“Home Yoga. Use to go to the gym for yoga classes. But been doing a 20 to -30 min home yoga each day (ok almost every day) and really love it. I do it with Yoga with Adrienne youtube channel. She is laid back and really like her.”

How did you get into up-cycling and what was the first piece you made.

“Long time ago. When I was a teenager I was altering and making clothes for all of my friends, spending Saturday’s thrift shopping and Sunday’s Thrift flipping;)

When it comes to Kinsu. The original plan was to make gloves. Upcycled denim gloves. Now it sounds like a silly idea. Anyway, after trying sewing dozens of pairs of glove I gave up and decided to make mittens instead. So the first Kinsu product is actually mittens;) Can’t be more Canadian than that;)”

Watch IGTV – Show & Tell Episode #6

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Ariane Brunet-Juneau is the talent behind Denim Upcycling Brand @kinsu_atelier. Ilovejeans.com invites her to show us her favourite 3 denim pieces during lockdown. You’ll be amazed at her talent and warmed by her enthusiasm for her art. 1: @kinsu_atelier handmade denim upcycled pants. 2: @kinsu_atelier denim upcycled A-line sleeveless deconstructed top 3: @kinsu_atelier denim upcycled long style jacket (an amazing piece). 4: @kinsu_atelier denim & Canadian moose leather bag. 5: @kinsu_atelier sustainable denim mask. Check out @kinsu_atelier Etsy Store where you can buy upcycled pieces and try your hand at DIY by downloading a pattern. Thank you Ariane for your enthusiasm and connecting with us denim lovers! Enjoy 😊 #upcycledfashion #upcycledart #upcycleddenim #upcycledjeans #upcycledjeansbag #upcycledjacket #upcycleddenimjacket #showandtell #showandtellyourdenim #denimbloggers #denimexpert #recycleddenimbags #recycledclothing #stayathome #kinsu #denimlovers #denimnerds #denim #denimsewing #denimhead #denimporn #sustainabledenimfabric #sustainabledenim

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Shop Ariane (Kinsu) Style:

Kinsu style

I love Ariane’s infectious enthusiasm for her art and wearing her much loved upcycled pieces even during lockdown! This spills on to the pieces available to purchase below in her Etsy Shop

Click + Shop on Kinsu Etsy Shop below:

DIY downloadable patterns

Kinsu upcycled products

Looking for some inspiration to Refashion your own denim pieces check out these brilliant Kinsu Refashion Projects – here.

Shop Kinsu Etsy Shop

Sewing Pattern DIY

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Can’t get enough of the series Show & Tell Your Denim don’t worry more will be coming soon. Meanwhile, check out all 6 episodes now.


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