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By Bex Does Denim.

bex bootcut jean

I’ve been watching the catwalks, the glossies, and the youngsters and have inevitably been bitten by the Bootcut Jean Bug.

Although we’ve collectively spent many years in skinnies, we all know that there is little more flattering than a well-structured bootcut jean. The magic of the Bootcut jean deceives the eye, slimming the thighs, lengthening the legs, and usually, if not too low cut, makes a booty a beauty, whatever size you are.

So, here’s the thing, I have tried for some weeks to source the perfect bootcut jean (deeply regretting letting go of the fabulous ones I had in the last resurfacing of said style).

In recent weeks I have tried oodles of brands, but it seems if your legs are long, then your hips and waist must be at least worthy of a 27-waist jean (an 8 in today’s money) – so I am seeking a perfect 25/36. Why is this a big ask, did I mention I’m 5ft 9″? I see many young girls of these proportions sashaying down the streets in beautifully fitting boot cuts, so where are they finding them?

1: Hudson Jeans

Beth Mid-Rise Baby Bootcut Jean $205

Beth Baby Bootcut Jeans £165

I have tried Hudson, great cut, low waist, too short for me but a nicely put-together pair of jeans but honestly, too stretchy. I don’t like my jeans to feel like a pair of 80’s opaque tights. Admittedly I like a little stretch, my days of being winched into a 16-wheel lorry cab by a willing (!?) lorry driver because my jeans rendered my legs unbendable are done, strangely I no longer hitchhike…. anyway, I digress.

2: 7 For All Mankind

7 For All Mankind b(air) Denim Kimmie Bootcut Jeans

7 For All Mankind Bootcut In Rinsed Indigo £180

Seven for All Mankind? They come up as a 32 leg, so too short for me although a nice cut but again, too much elastane and other foreign bodies are inhabiting the denim; they almost shine a little. Sorry Seven’s, no thanks.

3: J Brand Jeans

J Brand Sallie mid-rise bootcut jean $66.90

J Brand Sallie mid-rise bootcut jean £108

JBrand, they came up so obviously short I didn’t even disrobe…. though a decent appearance but can’t comment on the ‘feel’ or ‘fit’.

4: Paige Denim

Paige Manhattan High Waist Bootcut Jean $209.00

Paige Manhattan Mid-Rise Slim Bootcut Jean £220

Paige, now here’s a thing, they did a delicious dark navy, slim boot cut version that were the most perfect length. The waist sat wonderfully in the mid-rise (my fave if the truth be told) and they looked smart. Hold on. Smart? This is jean, not a trouser – so I look at the contents…. for a start off they’re 54% rayon….so the dream is dead. The bubble burst. I want DENIM! How hard is it to make jeans of denim? For me at least 93% cotton (and that’s a compromise). I don’t want tons of manmade material going on and I’m all for the more sustainable types of course.

5: American Eagle

AE Ne(x)t Level Low-Rise Kick Bootcut Jean $39.95

AE Ne(x)t Level Kick Bootcut Jean £44.96

So next, on to American Eagle, they were rather wonderful, the cotton content was high, but they just fell short of the right length, probably around 33 inch inside leg, they were so very near but not on the button – the price point was deeply attractive at only £54.99 though, had they have been a smidge longer, I would have had to go down to a 24inch however because they were super flexi meaning they would ride down as I run for the bus…..

6: Frame Denim

Frame Le Mini Bootcut Jean $225

Frame Le Mini Bootcut Jean In Augusta £230

Then I happened upon Frame’s mini boot cut, perfect cut, great colour, expensive but can you put a price on denim happiness? Nope. Not me. They came; the fit was excellent but again, too much stretch. I went for a 24-inch waist, and they suggested the leg was a 35 inch. It was not. I met my sneakers where the jean would be caught in the back of the sneaker as I stride down the street.  Yet another potentially fabulous pair of jeans boomeranged back to its warehouse…….

7: Levis

Levis Ribcage Bootcut Jean $54

Levis 725 High Rise Bootcut Jean £95

Then came time to weep when the jeans of my dreams sprayed onto my skinny frame with utter perfection – a dark mid-waisted wash from the Grand Old Duke of Denim, Lord Levi Strauss. Could I have uncovered the buried treasure of bootcut gold?

In a word. No.

Seems that to encase oneself in the perfect jean from this historic wonder-brand I’d have to have a few more burgers, chips, and chocolate.

I’m afraid if you’re a 25-inch waist, you can only be a 32-inch leg. It’s the law.

Imagine my frustration because of all the fits, so far, these were by far the best.


ASOS DESIGN Tall high rise ‘Y2K’ Stretch Flare Jean In Vintage $50

ASOS DESIGN Tall high rise ‘Y2K’ Stretch Flare Jean In Vintage £35

Finally, I spot a pair of pale indigo, stretch, high waist boot cuts from ASOS, £12 in the sale – what have I got to lose? Nothing right. So, I order, they come. And BOOM! Perfection. I bought 25/36 and could have done with a 24/36 but I’m not quibbling over the slight ride down through the day, they have a pocketless rear which is surprisingly flattering, and I’m delighted beyond.

Bex Kissed 7 Frogs To Get To Her Fairytale Bootcut Jean

A influencer wearing a Bootcut Jeans by Bex Does Denim in sky blue.
image by @bexdoesdenim

And now I’ve got my heart set on the split ankle seam ones……I’m not giving up yet.

8 Bootcut Jean Endorsed By Bex Does Denim

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A big thanks to Bex for guiding us through her bootcut jean journey. Bex is a fellow denim lover and influencer. She’s an expert shopper of all things denim, thrifted, and Snoopy obsessed. So much fun to hang out with! Visit her at @bexdoesdenim shop LTK page

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