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OMG I have just come across Invisible Heels  a product that will give us the gift of longer legs even when we are wearing flats! No I haven’t gone crazy and infact I need these in my 5ft 2″ life now.

Let me introduce you to your new BFF. Invisible Heels give you that extra lift without the pain of heels. They fit all shoe sizes, made of memory foam cushioning and covered by a layer of soft, breathable fabric. Available in 3 different heights 3/4″, 1.5″ or 2″ depending on how tall you want to feel. Such a great stocking filler for any women at $24, oh and they come in two colours, orange and black.

 Watch the video:

We all have jeans that are too long for us, pop these in your shoes and voila, no need to go to the tailor!  Click  below for the height of heel you wish to purchase and enjoy free shipping on all US orders, unfortunately no international shipping as yet.

Increase your height by 3/4″, lift your butt and slim your overall figure:

Increase your height by 1.5″, lift your butt and slim your overall figure:

Increase your height by  2”, lift your butt, and make your overall figure slimmer:

I can’t wait to be 5ft 4″and try out my pair!




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