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It’s strange how people or things come into your life, The Rialto Jean Project being one. A family friend shared a picture of himself, ( just back from the Burning Man Festival) wearing a pair of paint splattered RJP’s introducing me to Erin and her brand.

Now I’m normally hot on any new brands coming out of LA but this one flew under my radar. Apparently RJP stands for the Rialto Jean Project which is currently one of L.A’s hottest new denim lines.  A-list actors, musicians, and models are on RJP’s extensive fan base.  Featured in Vogue’s, Need It Now: Jane Herman Bishop reminisces “Maybe it’s because 20 years have passed already since Kate Moss wore a pair of Calvin Klein paper-bag boyfriends splashed with bold, acrylic colors in Vogue that the heavily painted jean feels ripe for a revival? Or, perhaps it’s that painted jeans are just the most natural next thing, after printed ones.” I’m thinking the latter of the two!

Kate Moss in Vogue

Rialto Jean Project


Each pair of RJP jeans are unique. Vintage and contemporary styles are sourced from flea markets and hand painted by Erin Feniger- Founder & Designer of the project in her garage at home in Venice.CA. Erin found herself picking up a paintbrush as a form of therapy when diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that makes her extremely sensitive to heat.  The denim doing good part of the story is for every pair sold (jeans are $200 /£126 ; jean shorts are $100/£63 ) $40 /£25  goes toward art therapy programs at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

More good news is they ship to the UK! Shop The Rialto Jean Project

RJP offer six hand-painted styles in every cut and shade of denim, ranging from distressed to clean-cut, and available in a rainbow of colors and assortment of styles. Truly a pair of jeans to make you smile.



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