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When I introduced myself to Denim Artist Ian Berry, he told me he was nervous to be around so many “Denim Experts” at Amsterdam Denim Days as he felt somewhat out of place, but in fact he should of felt completely at home. It became clear to me quickly that Amsterdam Denim Days was all about creation, collaboration and pushing the denim boundary way into the future. Ian Berry you fitted in perfectly, the difference is you’re coming at it from a different perspective and that’s exactly what jeans do, bring people together!

Pepe Jeans London exhibited their new acquisition”The News Stand” by Denimu ( his name back then) below, Ian made the piece by cutting by hand different pairs of jeans, light to dark denim offering different textures.  The New Stand has been featured in Pepe Jeans Barcelona store and now staring in Pepe Jeans Amsterdam’s window, London could be next!

Ian berry Denim Artist

It was when I came back to London and checked out Ian Berry I realised how accomplished, intricate and beautiful his art can be. Since our meeting, I have become a true super fan of Ian’s art.

Take a look for yourself….. These are a few of my favourites and I’m eager to see what Ian has up his denim sleeve next (Yes I’d love to have one on my wall).











Since our chance meeting in Amsterdam, I have seen many of Ian Berry’s exhibitions and we have become denim friends over the years. I still love his work and would love to have one of his pictures in my home!

👉🏻 If you want to see Ian’s latest work head to IanBerry.org to be amazed!


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