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As a Denim Specialist at Liberty I hear this a lot “I’m too old to wear distressed ripped jeans”. My default answer is normally no of course you’re not!

But recently I was given a pair of FRAME Le Skinny De Jeanne with rips at the front and I did find myself asking a younger colleague that same question.

I do think that women whatever their age should embrace all trends, nothing should be out of reach just because of a number! However, If the jean or trend isn’t for your body shape then that’s a different issue.

The distressed jean trend is accessible to all ages, it’s just a matter of how ripped you want to go and what you team your jeans with.

See below these ladies have styled their distressed jeans with a classic shirt, blazer and accessorise with simple pearls and a scarf, giving a chic edge to a distressed trend. The rips are minimal but the shape of their jeans still suit their body shape which is the most important thing when dressing for all ages.



Boyfriend jeans look great when they are washed out and old so the odd rip or distressing just adds to the life of the jean. Be fussy with the amount of distressing and rips on your jeans and remember less is more….

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A simple slit at the knee can show just enough skin to make a skinny jean chic. Rips just above the heel at the back is a sexy place and a good way to show your heels off.

So just to recap, do you still think you’re to old to wear distressed jeans?……..



Images: LindaVWright, Cyndi Spivey,  so heatherLinda Rodin,  50 is not old, Rue magazine



  1. I’m 5’3” over 200 lbs. chubby thighs. Should I wear ? I tried on a dark color but I feel like I’m too chubby?

    • Hey Cathy, Happy New Year! Let’s get you in a fab pair of jeans for 2018! You have only mentioned you thighs being chubby, so you could be a couple of different body shapes such as curvy, where your waist is smaller than your thighs if I’m right then try this jean – Catherine Boyfriend jeans, Plus size petite try this Natalie High Waist Bootcut Jeans. Let me know how you get on! Or you can send me a photo of yourself on my ASK THE STYLIST Facebook page where I’ll recommend 3 jeans just for you ! thanks for commenting xxx Sam xxx

  2. I love it! I totally agree; instead of going by age, go by if the jeans flatter your individual figure. Some older women can, do doubt, get away with a pair of cute distressed jeans and a blazer!

  3. I just bought a pair of skinny, distressed jeans with ripped out knees. I am a young 64 and I want to wear them to a chili cook off at an apple farm. I will pair them with a red flannel, longish shirt and distressed brown boots. I think that they will suit the occasion nicely….;)

    • Hi Cheryl, sounds perfect for a chili cook off – what is that? If the weather gets chilly, you can always wear tights underneath, showing through the rips. Enjoy x

      • I wore the ripped, distressed jeans like I said I would and got compliments! BTW, a chili cook-off is lots of people with crock pots filled with their version of home made chili for all to sample and vote on. It was a warm day so, no tights were needed underneath the jeans.;) Love the idea of the tights underneath, though. I will keep this in mind should the weather get cooler. Just call me the ” jean queen!” I have so many pairs of jeans and I love them all!

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