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Whether you’re a size 6, 16, or 26, weight fluctuates. It can go up and down, creating not only an emotional rollercoaster but a financial burden. That’s why UNIVERSAL STANDARD an innovative women’s fashion brand created ‘Universal Fit Liberty,’ a new, game-changing shopping experience designed to remove this anxiety for millions of women.If a piece from their core collection no longer fits due to size fluctuation, they’ll replace it with your new size, within a year of purchase, free of charge. All returned clothing will be laundered and donated to a number of charities supporting women in need.

UNIVERSAL STANDARD believe your clothes should always fit, feel, and look good. And, women deserve to live their lives without feeling bullied by their size.

Too good to be true?

Have a look at the collection as it’s simple, wearable and they have a fresh way of doing things! Well thought out Starter Kit’s comprising of 4 pieces to give 5 looks or 8 pieces, which will give you 20 outfit combinations! Lot’s of colours to choose from or you can just purchase per piece.

Yes, of course, there are jeans too. (sizes start at size 10 to 28). You’ll also be able to see an image of the item you’re coveting in your size, which I know is a bugbear for lots of women!

Here’s how the Meuse Resin Jeans look in 5 different sizes!



Click on the image below to go to the product shown.

#1: SAVIO LEATHERETTE KNOT TOP alt= universal standard


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Even better news is if you live in New York or Seatle then you can visit a Universal Standard Showroom and meet with an expert stylist who will take you through the collection. Walk out hands-free & your items
will be delivered straight to your home (free shipping & free returns in U.S.)

Please comment below if you do or have used this service, as it’s always great to hear from someone that has experienced a service like this.

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