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A denim capsule collection created in collaboration by the supermodel and the brand – it will be produced by Ittierre Spa from spring-summer 2012

Naomi Campbell & Fiorucci

Even in jeans and singlet, Naomi Campbell is still gorgeous – especially when the clothes are her own work. The Black Venus has presented a capsule collection of 15 denim pieces in Milan – jeans in four wearabilities with special washes – which she’s created in collaboration with Fiorucci. Starting SS 2012, the Fiorucci collection will be produced by Ittierre SpA. At their office, Naomi Campbell explained the background to her first project as a designer. Alongside the jeans, the capsule collection includes five tshirts printed with cover stories from the magazine i-D: Naomi been on the cover on several occasions, and the magazine chose the Fiorucci shop for its own Italian debut, in 1982.

How did the idea of the Naomi Campbell Fiorucci capsule collection come about?
When Fiorucci called me, I felt really flattered – it’s a brand that’s so iconic that I thought it’d be a great opportunity. And it was. I was only a bit worried about the time but we did our best and got everything done in a hurry.

Jeans are the heart of the collection. Do you wear them in your free time?
Absolutely. I’ve got so many pairs: jeans are perfect for travelling – you can wear them with a pair of trainers or flip-flops if you want comfort or heels if you want to look sexy. Jeans are like pasta – basic, but you can interpret them differently each time and play with the accessories.

What inspired you when you were creating this mini-collection?
I thought about what would enhance women. I’ve a lot of jeans, as I’ve said, but it’s difficult to find ones that fit perfectly, so I always wear the same ones. For the capsule collection, I thought about what I liked and what I didn’t like. So no low pockets – it’s better to have them higher so they have almost a push-up effect. And then there are washes, which are very special.

From supermodel to designer – have you enjoyed the experience?
Very much so. But I don’t think of myself as a designer. I really liked working with Fiorucci and hope it won’t be an isolated project. We’ll see…

Fiorucci is a brand with huge ties to Milan and Italy. What’s your relationship with the country?
It’s a great relationship: I like Italy and it’s always supported me very much in my career. And Fiorucci has always been a real icon: I remember, a few years ago, going to the shop in San Babila and buying a lot of little things like pens and pencils. I liked it a lot.

Source: Vogue.it


The strenght of any succesful brand lies in its identity. Because of it, Fiorucci has been able to remain young through three decades,  always setting the pace for the latest products and fashion trends,  fulfilling young consumers desires and needs.

When the shops didn’t know yet the concept of “total look” (and above all “life-style”), when the young people started to manifest a need of behavioral,  social, and existential changes, the shop Fiorucci of San Babila in Milan becomes immediately their point of reference.

It was in fact the first one multi-brands mini-department store where not only suits and accessories were sold, but also gadgets, food and drinks.And above all it offered a unique atmosphere, created by the music,the perfumes, the magic of the fun and the transgression.A multisensory experience.

Soon other shops proliferated anywhere, in New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, in Europe and in Italy.

Generous in the abundance of ideas, provocative and ironic in the communication, revolutionary in the presentation, the Fiorucci style has remained in the heart  of the consumers for a long time:   loved by stars and famous people in the field of art and showbusiness, but always to the course of all the pockets!

My own memory is shopping with my Mum in the early 80’s in the Fiorucci Carnaby St shop. Her trying on the tightest lycra jeans and me looking on in wonder!  In 1982 Du Pont launches Lycra and Fiorucci matches it to the denim. The first stretch jean was born. A basic five pockets for a feminine body!


1967 – 2011

Fiorucci timeline – click here

Fiorucci images from the 80’s heydays!

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