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Love, love, love…..

Dungarees or ‘overalls’ if you’re living stateside.

Autumn is the perfect time to get a pair of overalls as they are so versatile and will last you through to Spring! I’m going to show you don’t have to break the bank to get a good fit for your body shape. Read my tips on what to look for when buying a pair.

What to Wear With Your Overalls:

The beauty of overalls are just that, it fit’s ‘OVER -ALL’ tops, so you can pretty much wear anything underneath as it’s a seasonless piece of denim. Here are some suggestions below, all taken from Pinterest.

Ilovejeans tips:

Things to consider when you’re buying overalls.

  1.  Do you want your overalls to be like skinny jeans, a close fit? If so then check the fabric composition as the stretch is an important factor in feeling comfortable.
  2. What will you be wearing underneath your overalls? This will determine if you go up a size if you’re planning to wear sweaters underneath.
  3. If you’re a boyfriend jean type of gal then look for a slouchy relaxed anti fit style.
  4. Top heavy? Make sure the bib (the front) is in proportion to your boobs or it will give the illusion that they are très grand!
  5. Make sure the straps are adjustable as this is important if you are either petite or tall.
  6. Always sit down, when trying on as comfort is key when wearing overalls.
  7. Look in the mirror and check your behind, as some styles will have a higher back and others will just have straps crossing over from the waistband.
  8. Like jeans you want your overalls to give your behind a good shape, especially if you’re going for a skinny/close fit.

Check behind you


Below are 15 pairs I’ve handpicked for different body shapes, keeping under $100 or £100.

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Like them or Loath them, have your say below……

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