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cyber week tips

Have you heard the one where the smug lady tells her jealous friend about the amazing fitting jeans she bagged in the Cyber Week Sales?

The Premium Denim Brand that she would never of been able to afford suddenly was in her budget.

This could be you and me !

Buying jeans during Cyber Week doesn’t have to be a chore when you have a clear idea of what you are looking for. So here are my tips to keep you confident in bagging the jeans you need at the best price possible.

Preparation is key and you can use this information each time you shop for jeans online.

# 1: How To Prepare For Buying Jeans Online.

Check your wardrobe, which styles are your go-to jeans?

They may be your favourite high-rise black skinny’s or your ripped boyfriend jeans, whatever they are these are the styles you should be choosing to purchase during Black Friday through to Cyber Monday sales. Buy jeans that work for your body shape or the style you’ve tried on before but felt the price was too high. Keep away from new styles as this isn’t the time for exploration unless you are happy to return.

#2: Measure Your Go-to Jeans.

This will give you a blueprint for the jeans you love, to use for the jeans you want to buy. Lay your jeans down on a flat surface measure the following points – make sure you jot them down as you’ll need them later when your check jeans online.

Watch the tutorial below:

It’s not rocket science ( I know) but you can lose all rational thinking when your shopping in the Cyber Week Sale.

#3: Know Your Rise Measurement

Knowing your front rise measurement is one of the most important parts of knowing how to dress for your body shape.

Watch the video below or read the post

#4: Know Your Size 

Knowing your size before you buy is key but if you’re unsure, buy two sizes and send the one that doesn’t fit back.  Be sure to check the retailer’s returns terms and conditions before you purchase.

Here is a size conversion chart from Net-a-Porter that shows the equivalent of clothing sizes worldwide and jeans sizes at the bottom of the chart. Print it out and have it handy.

Product Measurements

A good retailer will give a size breakdown per size of the product you are looking to buy, in both centimetres, inches and jean sizes, such as below.

#5: Which Jeans To Buy?

As a denim blogger/ expert, I’m looking at premium denim brands styles they call the ‘core basics’. Now, these are the key shapes that are ‘in stock throughout the year,’ it’s the colours and washes that change each season. You’ll find it’s the fashion colours that will be in the sales, rarely the colours that can cross over from seasons such as black, navy or dark indigo washes don’t make the sale.

If you don’t normally spend $100+ on jeans then the Cyber Week Sales are a great time to purchase premium denim at a not so premium price!

Check out the Black Friday Denim Watch below for the live updates on the best deals on denim.

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