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Once you have the perfect pair of jeans, you’ll feel fabulous in any outfit!

I am going to find you the most flattering, comfortable, and perfectly fitting styles you’ve ever owned!

Jean styles

Are you looking for perfect-fitting jeans?

Now you can get expertly fitted jeans thanks to a unique jeans styling service.

With this service, you can find the right size, fit, and style to suit your body shape and budget without ever leaving home.

What Is It?

Using your measurements, style preferences, and budget, I’ll review over 200+ brands to find you a personal selection of denim jeans that are perfectly suited to your shape!

This is the most effective way to shop for jeans online. Perfect for women that hate denim shopping.

How Does It Work?

Simply complete our client questionnaire and the rest is done for you!

You’ll receive shoppable links to my recommendations, so you can buy them straight away!

When your chosen pieces arrive, ( included in the booking fee). I schedule the time to check the sizing and style on you.

You’ll keep hold of the pieces until we have the Zoom fitting so I can see how well they fit, as this is how I get the best fitting for you.

my best jeans

The aim of my Denim Personal Shopping Service is to improve on the jeans you are currently wearing and to help you try some different styles for your body type.

Based on your measurements and size, I can suggest the perfect rise, style, and colors to create the most flattering silhouette for you.

You will be shown exactly what to look for when shopping for jeans for your body shape and style moving forward.

Our clients typically purchase 80% of our personal recommendations, we know our stuff!

 “Why book this service? I provide exclusive links for you to buy your perfect jeans on SALE. The recommended styles are typically discounted. so you end up saving $1000s”

Sam Remer.

Start Your Denim Journey Today!

Price: £99 / $125

I’ve been referred to as ‘The DENIM ORACLE’, so rest assured, I will find you your DREAM DENIM staples.

When I begin my search for your perfect denim jeans, I’m looking for:

  • Style
  • Cut
  • Fabric
  • Brand
  • Fit
  • Fashion
  • Stitching
  • Finishings

You’ll receive a personalized, shoppable video (example below) with 5 expertly sourced denim styles that are 99.9% guaranteed to work perfectly for you.

my best jeans

Shoppable Video Created For You

At the end of the sesson you’ll know exactly how to shop for jeans and which styles will work for your body shape.

Sam Remer

Book For Perfect-Fitting Jeans Here.

Denim Diaries & Reviews

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denim diaries
denim diaries
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my best jeans service reviews

You Deserve To Look Great In Your Jeans

FAQS – About The Personal Shopping Service

Is the service open to all countries worldwide?

The service is open to all, we just need to find a good time to Zoom with you.

I’m worried that the Stylist will suggest jeans that won’t suit me.

The Stylist will ask you in the session if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone. She is extremely experienced in searching for the right jeans for your body shape & personality.

If I don’t like the style of jeans the stylist suggests what should I do.

Tell the Stylist why you don’t like the selection of jeans suggested and she will look again at other jeans for you. All feedback is helpful to get the best-fitting jeans for you.

Do you only suggest retailers or denim brands you get a commission from? does work with the influencer platform LTK which allows retailers to pay a commission if readers/ clients purchase from #AD links. The Stylist will disclose #AD links in the emails sent to you. However, this does not influence the Stylist’s decision on which jeans to choose for you. Often they will look for jeans that are not included on the Platform if they feel are right for you.

Will the Stylist be able to find me jeans as I’m a difficult body shape/size?

Our Stylists are very experienced and after your session, they would have built a profile of where to buy jeans online for you for future purchases.

Do you have reviews I can read before I decide to book?

Yes you can see reviews above or you can find more reviews on our Trustpilot page.

Time To Feel Confident In Yourself!


If for any reason you are unable to make your consultation, you must inform the stylist you have your booking with of the cancellation by emailing: at least 48 hours before the scheduled time for a refund.


There may be situations when rescheduling a confirmed booking by a client is necessary. Again we ask for 48 hours’ notice by email to your stylist to reschedule your appointment. If a client does not turn up to a booked appointment the fee is non-refundable.


The competitive price of the £99 / $125 service includes the following:

1: We spend a minimum of 2 hours reviewing over 100 denim brands to find your best pairs.

2: We also include a 30-minute ‘virtual fitting room’ session, to ensure the jeans you ordered fit perfectly.

3: You receive a carefully curated recommendation of jeans based on 10 years of technical fashion and styling training on cuts, silhouettes, inseams, rises, hems, and colours.

4: As a result, we are confident you will love the pairs we select. Over 97% of clients buy a minimum of 2 pairs from their first round of selects.

5: If you are not satisfied with the selection we have made, you are welcome to book another ’round’ of recommendations at an additional session of £55 / $63

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