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Not another denim brand I hear you say! No wait… this one has longevity when you look at the “breeding” you know your going to want a pair or two!

Mother was founded by Lela Tillem and Tim Kaeding in 2010. Kaeding formerly was Head of Design for 7 for All Mankind, Tillem President of Sales at Citizens of Humanity. Ok now i’ve got your attention do you want to see more??

Spring Summer 11 Collection

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The Drama Flared

The Drama Short

The Looker

The Looker Cropped

The Straight A Skirt

The Wilder

The Runaway Skinny Flare

The Curfew

The Skinny, Not Skinny

The High Waisted Skirt

Donna ida Say’s.….“Mother have launched their new collection at precisely the right time – their cashmere-soft denim perfectly encapsulates the 70’s mood of the season, and their sexy flares and gorgeous long A-line skirt are the exact pieces we never knew we needed…until right now’. We have a huge waiting list and it’s on its way. This will be the summer of Mother” xx Coming soon donnaida.com

Interview with Mother

by Esther Adams, Vogue.com

“It takes a lot to get a girl out of leggings and back into jeans!” laughs designer Tim Kaeding, who, along with business partner Lela Tillem, is behind the new denim brand Mother. He should know; he’s spent the last two years developing materials that look like denim but feel like cashmere with the aim of spearheading a denim revival. “For jeans to make a comeback, technology has to step in,” Kaeding continues. “We weave in fibers more typically used in knits, then treat them with fabric finishes—but those are secret!”

However, it’s not just texture that Kaeding prides Mother on: “We’re constantly devising new fits,” he says. “We started out with three, but that soon grew to nine.” So with jeans making spring catwalk appearances this is your go-to brand for seventies styles with irresistible stroke-worthy appeal. There’s the Curfew, the Drama, and, for the wide-leg beginner, the Runaway Skinny Flare—all titles relating to high school or parental warnings and a far cry from naming them after cities or famous people, because everyone’s done that already. Jeans aside, there’s the Straight A ankle skirt and a selection of chambray shirts, cotton T-shirts, and vests in the mix. “After all,” says Kaeding, “it’s a little sad to just show bottoms; we wanted to create whole outfits.”

Mother’s Kaeding and Tillem’s relationship started out as far from familial. Initially, the two were denim rivals—Kaeding used to design for 7 for All Mankind ,while Tillem worked in sales at Citizens of Humanity—but their relationship evolved into a business partnership. Both profess to wearing jeans every day and say they have business “in their blood.” “It got to the point where there was nothing clever about jeans anymore,” says Kaeding of the duo’s synchronized move. “We wanted to go in a new direction with Mother.” And with their new venture pushing technological boundaries in fabric-making, it’s clear they’re achieving their goal. So all that’s left to question is—what’s the meaning behind that name? “Mother is an ironic play on a pretty strong word,” explains Kaeding. “It can be nurturing or a cuss, but it’s in your face.” Sounds like the perfect fit for their supersoft, runway-relevant styles. Our verdict? We think both you and your mother will approve.

We can’t wait!…. Mother arrives at Donnaida.com soon

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