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My Mum loves a great fitting jean and I clearly remember shopping with her in the early 80′s in the Fiorucci Carnaby St shop. Her trying on the tightest lycra jeans and me looking on in wonder!

I definitely get my no-nonsense straight talking from my Mum and my ability to listen.

We asked the Twitterati  “What have you learnt or inherited from your Mother you’re proud of?”

Kate Hudson and Goldie HawnSusan Sarandon and Eva AmurriMeryl Streep and Mamie Gummer

source: cosmopolitan.co.uk



Donna Ida@donnaida It’s not what you know it’s who you know 🙂





@MariannaIpswich Reasonable legs and an eye for fashion.






ceri wheeldon @Fab_after_Fifty probably my skin 🙂





Penny Calder @pjc16 Inherited my Mothers intuition,a great gift x



@Colourandstyle1 always wear your lippie






Sam Brightmore @Sam_Bottega definitely my love for Chanel, Jane Eyre, fragrance & the best advice has been to always keep the mystery! x




@LisaGiller15 always where matching underwear as you never know when you’ll get knocked down by a car! from my mother in law actually.




A Monkey Cat @mrs_monkeycat love of fashion, invest & always wear decent undies you never know what might happen!





Melanie Rickey @fashedatlarge How to love.





Paige Adams-Geller @PaigeAGeller to always be kind to others. You never know who they might be or where they might be headed! And a passion for fashion!





Miri Bat Mordechai Being true to yourself is the most important thing. Having a life that does not just revolve around the man in your life and loving who you are as a woman. And check your breasts for lumps!




Tea Party @teapartyparty To never go out without making an effort! My mother would never be seen out without even the smallest amount of grooming. Self respect is very important to her!!




@brasense Mum taught me how to iron (ironing queen at uni) and what a special gift a sister is.




Tell us your’s……

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