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For A/W 2012-13, Dutch denim brand Denham have created a guide to what makes a Denham jean, sharing their wisdom in how they design and build jeans according to their own particular ethos and how they feel a jean should be put together through a set of features, details and techniques.

Of all these elements, the 7-Point Pocket is the most iconic.  If you draw a line around your hand, the shape will have seven points, not five.  For Denham, this is symbolic of the hand of the worker for whom workwear was originally created and the hand of the jeanmaker as well.

The most famous chapter in the mythology of the Birth of Denim has to be the J.W.Davis patent for riveting pockets but there were dozens of other equally innovative inventions during those early days.  One of them was from 1877 when a Mr. D. Neustadter buy ambien malaysia designed a system to strengthen a fly construction by making ingenious use of a single piece of folded denim.  Denham state they have brought this elegant concept back to the future.

Finally, the branding that signifies the authenticity, individual style and identity of Denham is their Chain Stitch Scissor Logo placed along the signature lower seam of their two-part hip-pocket panel.

If you fancy trying them for yourself, browse the Denham Collection on ilovejeans.com here and take inspiration from  two of our favourite pieces, the Denham Upgrader Okura Ozone jeans, £195.00 teamed with this Denham Denim Shirt, £135.00.  The contrasting washes are the most stylish and effective way to ear head-to-toe denim and we feel the quality and cool shines through.  One thing is certain, Denham are defying convention and fast becoming known for both experimentation and resourceful innovation.

Denham is available to buy from Selfridges and Selfridges online.


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