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Denim is an essential part of any mans wardrobe. When you get these basics right you can start to fill in the blanks.

The Denim Jacket: The denim jacket is so versatile and works across all wardrobes. Don’t get caught in the thinking that denim should be worn with only denim. A denim jacket can be mixed with a chino, trouser or a pair of shorts. Owning a denim jacket can be a labor of love as the more you wear it the better it will look. Like jeans denim jackets come in a variety of washes, mixing a lighter denim jacket with a darker pair of jeans is totally acceptable.

GQ SAY’S: Wear the denim jacket as a layering piece under a sport coat, blazer, or top coat. There’s something polarizing, almost artful, about putting beat-up denim against luxury fabrics like cashmere and suiting wool. It’s the same reason light-washed jeans look so good with a blazer.

The Denim Shirt: Why buy a denim shirt if you have a denim jacket? Doesn’t it do the same job, I hear you say. Think layering…. the denim shirt goes under the denim jacket, so it’s important NOT to put the same types of denim together.

Use This Simple Rule: Black or dark wash jeans + light denim shirt + raw selvedge washed denim jacket. This will stop you looking like a lumberjack and more like David Beckham below.

Right: J.Crew Chimala® denim western shirt £ 312.80

Chimala® denim western shirt GBP 312.80 by J.Crew

The Iconic Jean:  Maurizio Donadi, Senior Vice President of Levis XX states quite clearly in the video below the iconic jean of all time is the Levis 1947 501 Washed Straight-Leg Jeans, made originally for workwear in the 1940’s and is now the urban city jean that will never die on you. This is the jean for you if your looking for durability and a style that is timeless.  Again this jean is available in different washes and denim.

Team with a sweatshirt and trainers for an understated look or slip on a pair of loafers, shirt, blazer and your good to go!




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