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Looking for denim expert advice then you have come to the right place!

Here are 3 ways to get your denim needs met.


#1: Read & Comment on Ilovejeans.com

Did you know that each month the Body Shape section of this blog gets updated with current stock online and in stores?  So if you’re visiting this blog to find jeans to buy, visit the drop-down menu ‘SHOP FOR YOUR SHAPE’  at the top of the homepage first.

As a denim expert, I concentrate on body shapes a lot and this blog has lots of invaluable advice for ‘Shopping for your Shape”. At the bottom of each post, you can ask me a body shape or denim related question, I’m always happy to reply to your questions! Have a look at this post it has over 70 readers questions about Curvy Jeans!

Shop your body shape

#2: Ask the Stylist

Do you need some bespoke help for free?

I’m always happy to chat about jeans and help women find their perfect pear, it’s why I started Ilovejeans over 12 years ago! I wanted to be able to offer a free service available worldwide where the reader can upload a photo of themselves and send me their denim questions. Why would I do this for free? Well if you go ahead, click through and purchase one of my recommendations I get a small commission from the retailer you purchase from.

After answering your denim dilemma, I post up 3 suggested jeans just for you, reflecting these 4 points.

  1.  Body Shape.
  2.  Budget.
  3.  Size.
  4. Location ( where you can buy).

(don’t worry your info is private, but it will help similar women if you’re happy for me to post your photo, it’s your call.)

Click here or the banner below to go to the Ask The Stylist – FaceBookBook Page.

#3: Book a Denim Expert for Personal Shopping

I left this until last as many people will think that paying for a stylist to assist you with clothes shopping will cost a fortune! I totally understand that and have looked at my prices accordingly to appeal to all. I offer a selection of services, you can find them at the top of the homepage under Denim Stylist. 

 So there you have it 3 ways to get your denim needs met.

Feel free to contact me if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

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