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Does this sound like you?

“Jeans are tight on my tummy but loose on my leg, can’t find a style that fits. I have skinny legs so if I fit the waist the thighs are huge”. 

This is the apple shape dilemma! Now I feel your pain because I too am an apple! Hence my recent post about stretching your jeans well waist-band mostly for us apples.

As we get older a lot of women expand in the waist area, I have seen it happen with my Mum who use to be a true pear shape. Then there are the apple body shapes from birth, I fit into that category as I always wanted a tiny waist and a curvy figure but no I got the big boobs, buy ambien from europe flat bottom, and no real waist. Hey but let’s put a positive spin on this because what I did get was lovely slim legs!

So if you’re the same as me we need to flaunt our assets.

A few years back I was asked by Donna Ida to take part in her Denim Clinic for different body shapes, I had the starring role as the apple!

Not too much has changed since then but apples can now update their wardrobes with the latest denim trends.


Click on the jeans you like below:

Shop UK Apple Jeans

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I’m not finished yet, click here for the rules of shopping for an apple and check out hand picked jeans by yours truly for each body shape.

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  1. Hey Sam Great one !! so much use full tips.It definitively helps me to hide my tummy area 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely information 🙂


  2. You look really cute in the striped t. I would put you in a pair of white jeans with a good weight and a classic no flare fit that doesn’t hug or squeeze and a cute frayed hem either at the shoe or just barely above the ankle. I would put these with an specially cute pair of very comfy, agile shoes, sandals or booties that encourage walking. Either flat or up to 2” block heel, maybe nude, maybe red, and a peppy pedi if the shoes are sandals.
    I don’t have an apple shape. But I’m a people watcher and design outfits in my head as I do.
    Yesterday I saw a woman from 30’ away at first, around sunset. Instantly, I determined that she had out of shape relatively thin legs and an apple shape. It was her outfit.
    She was wearing a gorgeous, well selected top in beautiful colors that fit her flawlessly, did not advertise her apple shape and in no way made her seem large, with a pair of dark skinny jeans and dark shoes. The contrast between her body and her undeveloped legs was exaggerated in a flash by her jeans and matching shoes.
    Had she worn a pair of pants or jeans that fit her as well as her blouse did, without hugging, in a less contrasting shade, and with contrasting shoes I may have just noticed her cute outfit and not have instantly focused on her out of shape legs.
    Skinny jeans invite stares and scrutiny even at a distance. Contrast attracts attention.
    On the other hand, I often see robust apple shaped girls working at Urban Outfitters in heavier weight no stretch or maybe stretch denim worn in a comfortable not tight size, skinny or classic, mid-rise, with a low contrast or darker top tucked in and statement shoes and hair, with maybe lips or tats or jewelry that looks festive yet not overly done. They look beautiful and comfortable in their own skin and they aren’t hiding or drawing attention to their mid section/leg contrast.
    Men often have apple shapes and this is most noticeable in tight dark jeans and a looser light or bright shirt.
    I would think that some jumpsuits would work well on an apple shape. (Jump suits are hard to find, but so worth it.) Madwell and JCrew seem to cut all of their clothes for an apple shape, btw. (I don’t recommend their stretch denim, though.)
    I have the Madewell Sloan jumpsuit. The tie at the mid section is meant to drape loosely at the hips. The jumpsuit does not hug anywhere. Gives a laid back and tailored look at the same time, and it brings attention to wrists, neck and ankles, Lots of compliments.

    • Hi Gaia, I thought this time I would be the apple shape model as readers tend to prefer real women than models especially when it comes to the body shape posts. I style people in my head too, especially if they are wearing the wrong shape jeans. Thanks for your comment.
      Sam x

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