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It must be something about my age as this has happened to me twice now. Standing next to a 20 something and people presume I’m the Mother!

First time was at my nieces wedding, who is very beautiful so I took it as a compliment. Second time was at another event, the boy in question I suppose could of been my son.


I didn’t choose to have my kids later in life, it just happened that way. Today my nearly 4-year-old started big school, now that’s made me feel old and I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with being the oldest Mum in the playground.


So recently I’ve had my tragus pierced, that’s a part of the ear, not a sexual place you’ve never heard of before! It hurt so much but I’m now loving it and I like the fact probably not many women my age would have embarked on such a piercing. As the Maria Tash piercer said as she got ready to plunge, it’s about body adornment it’s not a youth trend. It was too late to comment and I now have a neat diamond stud in my tragus!

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My best friend says age is just a number and has no bearing on who we are. But I can’t  help using age as a measuring stick as to if I should do something or not.

What’s does all the above have to do with jeans, nothing really apart from jeans are the only item of clothing that surpasses age. Don’t get caught up with should I be wearing the latest denim trend at my age, embrace it!

If you need a second opinion then drop me an email/Tweet/ Facebook a snap of yourself and I’ll give you my opinion… honestly.

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