Diagram showing how to measure for jeans, indicating the waist, lower waist, hips, rise, and inseam on a woman standing with her hands in her hair.

Lay your best-fitting jeans down on a flat surface and then measure your jeans with the following:

How To Measure Rise in Jeans

The rise measurement is from the top of the waistband down to the bottom of the crotch seam.If you are unsure of where your new jeans will sit on your waist, measure from the crotch upwards to the top of the waistband.

This measurement will give you the correct measurement of where the jeans you are looking at will sit on your body. Remember, you may want to make a note of this measurement.

How To Measure Inseam On Jeans

The inseam is the measurement of the inside leg to take this measure from the crotch down the leg to the ankle.

How To Measure Waist For Jeans

Take the measurement from the smallest part of your waist, which is your natural waistline, above your navel and below your ribcage. Measure straight across.

Note that your actual waist measurement will not equal the waist size of your jeans. For example, a person with a 26-inch waist typically wears jeans with a 28-inch waist.

Where To Measure Hips On Jeans

Stand with your feet together, take the tape measure around your bottom, and measure the fullest part of your hips at the top of your legs, approx 9 inches lower than your waistline. Make sure the tape measure is straight and parallel to the ground. This measurement will determine your hip size.

Jeans Leg Opening

This is the measurement that will tell you how wide the opening of the leg of your new jeans will be. Measure the circumference of the bottom of the hem. This measurement is important because it can determine the overall look and fit of your jeans.

When measuring the leg opening, make sure to lay the jeans flat on a surface and measure from one edge of the hem to the other. You may also want to measure multiple pairs of jeans from your wardrobe to get an average measurement. This will help you compare different brands and styles to find the perfect fit for you.

In addition to determining how your jeans will look, the leg opening measurement can also affect how they feel when worn. A wider leg opening can provide a looser fit and allow for more movement, while a narrower opening can give a sleeker and more fitted appearance.