How can Whirlpool keep your jeans looking fabulous?

A woman in a modern laundry room hand-washing denim jeans in front of a washer and dryer set, illustrating how to care for denim.

You may want to work a glossy red carpet look or dress down for a casual vibe. Whatever your style, unintentionally faded, grey, and tired jeans aren’t going to do you justice.

Whirlpool has many years of washing and laundry expertise, and its design team has created an innovative care program, which has been specially developed to ensure that your jeans remain in tip-top condition.

The first-ever Jeans Wash combines a 40-degree cotton program with an extra rinse. It’s hassle-free, easy and it works – rather like your favourite pair of jeans.

Sam Remer says:

“This programme is perfect for any denim fanatic who wants to ensure their favourite jeans are well cared for. Much like wool jumpers, jeans are a wardrobe essential for practically all of the population so it is great there is now a washing programme developed especially for them too.”

The myths, tips & tricks

Skinny or straight, high-waisted or hipsters, embroidered, embellished or indigo: whatever the cut or colour follow Whirlpool’s expert guide to keep those jeans working wonders.

Why is denim a different colour on the inside to the outside?

Denim is a unique material as it is woven with two shades of yarn: the indigo yarn and the white, un-dyed ‘filler’ yarn.

Should I buy jeans with Lycra added to the denim?

Yes, if you want a sexy, figure-hugging fit. But remember to buy a size down, otherwise you’ll have unflattering baggy knees and a gaping waist (revealing too much when you sit down!).

But I actually can’t sit down

Then don’t buy the jeans. Always bend or sit down when you’re trying on jeans – you don’t want rivets digging into your hip bones or the waist band cutting off your blood flow. Not a good look.

What’s the best temperature for washing denim?

40ºC. And never wash dark and light jeans together.

Powder or liquid?

If you have to wash on a lower temperature, use liquid as powder isn’t so good at dissolving. You should also refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Should I use fabric softener ? If so, how much?

Yes, go for it – using the amount as recommended by the manufacturer.

To spin or not to spin?

Contrary to popular belief, denim isn’t sensitive to spin speed. In fact, as it’s a thick fabric it needs to be spun quite a lot.

And for drying?

Using a tumble dryer (a high spin speed to save energy) is perfect for jeans. Denim is actually one of the few fabrics brilliantly adapted for tumble drying.

What’s the best way to keep the colour looking fresh?

Washing your jeans inside out, and keeping them that way for ironing (making sure they’re still slightly damp) will help preserve the colour.

My old jeans are looking tired

Try washing them with a pair of new jeans for an instant colour pick-me-up.

I want to shrink my jeans!

Select the 95ºC wash and your jeans will get smaller. But be careful as the colour may fade too.