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So You’re an Apple Body Shape!

If you have trouble finding jeans that fit your apple body shape, look no further than! Our hand-picked figure-fixing jeans will provide you with the perfect fit and look for any occasion. Check out our selection to find the perfect pair of jeans for you today!

Your Apple body shape tends to hold the majority of weight in the upper body area, tummy, arms, and bust. The good news is that your slim legs are your best assets, with a small flat bottom. It’s important you get the correct unique rise measurement before you go shopping. 

Try a mid to high-rise style or one of the figure-fixing styles below with a built-in tummy tuck, tummy control, Ab-Solution, Smoothing pockets, and butt lift – perfect figure-fixing technology for an Apple body shape to feel great wearing jeans.

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FAQ About Apple Body Shape Jeans

What jeans look best on an apple shape?

Flare-leg jeans are a fantastic choice for someone with an apple-shaped body. Options like trouser jeans, boyfriend jeans, crop flare and wide leg jeans are also great because they balance out the upper body by adding some volume to the lower half. This helps create a more balanced silhouette that looks stylish and feels comfortable.

Can an apple shape wear high-waisted jeans?

Yes, if you have an apple shape, you can look great in high-waisted jeans. Opt for high-rise skinny jeans to better define your waistline. Figure fixing jeans with sliming technology, built into the jeans gives a larger tummy a neater silhouette. Bootcut jeans are also a good option as they help create a more balanced silhouette.

Can an apple shape wear bootcut jeans?

Yes, apple-shaped can wear bootcut jeans. These jeans are excellent because they flare out slightly at the bottom, balancing the upper body and creating a harmonious silhouette. Crop bootcut and a crop kick flare look flattering especially when showing the ankle!

Can an apple shape wear skinny jeans?

If you have an apple shape, you might like Girlfriend jeans. They are a slimmer version of boyfriend jeans and can look really good. It’s also a good idea to avoid jeans that hide the shape of your legs, like Mom jeans.


Updated: 24/4/22

My best jeans

SHOP THE APPLE EDIT – UK now picks the best UK/ Europe jeans for your Apple body shape.

Figure-fixing jeans that pull in the tummy and lift the bottom from denim brands Salsa Jeans, NYDJ, Levis 300 Series and River Island have a selection of jeans that boasts of “Tummy Hold Jeans”.Try these clever jeans with the technology to make you feel fabulous!

Edited: 24/4/22

Be sure to stay true to your unique rise measurement. Nothing is worse than spillage or the dreaded muffin top caused by the rise sitting too low, so go for jeans with an 8.5-inch rise or higher.

Sometimes you need some one-on-one advice, We can do this virtually, so wherever you are in the world we can help you with your denim dilemma.

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  1. As a guy with measurements of 44in chest, 41in hips, 37in waist, 22in thighs, 15in calves and 9in ankles, with a 31in inseam at 5ft. 9in. tall. Mens jeans never fit me great in the butt. hips and waist. Womens jeans seam to fit me much better with a size 31L, a 41in hip and 10in rise or a size 12, that size works almost all the time. Womens skinny jeans, girlfriend jeans, skinny bootcut and taper jeans seem to fit me best. Womens jeans with the contouring hips and butt with a tapering at the waist with stretch make for a very comfortable fit. My body type seems to be more rectangular and reguardless of the jean style type, one constant I find and look for in womens jeans is a fitted style in the hips and butt with a 10in rise that locks in at the waist. That is such a great and comfortable fit that never needs a belt and is what makes the fit of womens jeans so great.

    • Thanks Dave!These day’s everything goes and it’s all about finding jeans that work for your body shape whatever gender. Thanks for sharing! Sam x

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