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If you’re like me and love your jeans to fit well and say a little something about your personality then Detail Denim is your latest statement jean. Remember to keep to the statement jean rule, busy on the bottom, keep it simple on the top!

Check out the following Detailed Denim available now at Donna Ida



Looking for a statement jean then opt for one of these with Detail.

Rag & Bone Split Skinny Jeans – Raja Midnight £250.00, has Aztec side paneling detail giving the illusion of a slimmer longer leg! The AG Jeans Santa Fe Skinny Jeans – Red £235.00, has a subtle Aztec embellishment along the outside seam of the leg. Didn’t get enough of the Tuxedo Jean, here’s Current/ Elliott’s latest take on the style, Current/Elliott Rider Legging – Crimson £215.00.

Rag & Bone Split Skinny Jeans - Raja Midnight  £250.00


AG Jeans Santa Fe Skinny Jeans - Red  £235.00

Current/Elliott Rider Legging - Crimson  £215.00


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