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It’s been a while, actually they launched in 2010 and yes I and 300,000+ purchased a pair of these skinny cargo jeans. Why were they sooo good, here’s why…. The cargo pockets were positioned just at the right point of the thigh that strangely slimmed down the legs. The seam on the front of the jean made your legs look longer and the elongated ankle zip added to length of your leg.  It was all good, really good. J brand named these cargo’s after the sexy  Major character Hot Lips Houlihan from the TV show M*A*S*H.

Have I wet your appetite yet? Well they’re back with all the above great bits and have updated fabric and removed the flap back pocket ( that curled up after washing). For sure the Houlihan will knock you for six when you slip into these coveted cargos!

So they come in three washes (see above), Distressed Chrome (Grey), Distressed Caledon (Green) and Distressed Sandsky (Sand).

The price is $228.

Jbrand do ship internationally but be sure to check if the price is a landed one or if there are duties on delivery.HOULIHANTWO


I’m digging out my old khaki ones and It would be rude not to try on a new pair in this season’s distressed chrome.

Here I am back in the day wearing my Houlihans.


Happy to see the Houlihan back? Let me know how you wear yours….


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