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#ICLAPFOR Ian berry's

Artist Ian Berry‘s son takes a simple photo of his clapping hands on the #iclapfor regular Thursday evening clap for the NHS which ignites a powerful project that unites the world and projected to do good!


An animation of Ian’s hands made out of denim material, clapping is being projected on to buildings around the world to say “thank you” to the wonderful Keyworkers who are the force behind saving and caring for the victims of Covid19!

In the last few weeks the ‘Clapping Hands’ have been projected in many different cities, from Newcastle to New Orleans, Scotland to Sweden, in London to Loch Ness, its been in Mexico, Italy, Sweden – from castles to residential streets.


Ian asks the public “who do you clap for”? We may be clapping for a family member whose a Keyworker, Doctor or a Nurse, there are so many fantastic people that need that recognition.

A website #ICLAPFOR.COM has been created for you to do just that, give a name and it could end up on one of the many projections of clapping hands projected in weeks to come.

There are so many sides to this story, the denim art, the projection worldwide but most important is the donation to the charities that support NHS Charities.

Would you like to help project the clapping hands?

Ian Says…

We are wanting to build a community of projectionists around the world to spread the positive message of clapping, and use it as a foundation to do good. Raise money but also bring positive messages of the applause and create a platform for others too”. Watch here soon how you can join this movement or email mail@ianberry.art

ilovejeans.com is a big supporter of Ian Berry’s art over the years take a peek here.

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