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Yes, you can absolutely wear denim to the office. But how to make it work for you, and your office culture is another thing. You still want to keep your look professional and to stay polished at all times. Denim can tick both those boxes –and it can also help you to show your casual and creative side at work.

Most companies have given up stuffy office dress codes but appropriate work attire is still expected and appreciated. Your appearance at the office is important because it’s the most visible part of your image. It matters what you wear because every look tells a story.

Denim at the office says: Approachable, contemporary, relaxed, open-minded, youthful and casual cool. Consider a more laid-back attire from time to time, without having to sacrifice your professional identity. In this guest blog, I am helping you to wear your trusted denim to the office throughout the week.

#1: Cut

Choose a cut that resembles classic slacks or more formal trousers. Stay away from too wide or too baggy styles and keep the stitching and the embellishing to the bare minimum. Approach skinny jeans with caution as they might be considered too sexy for a workplace.

For a casual chic look, think about your most preppy 7/8 length chinos and replace them with a similar cut in denim. There’s a lot of cropped styles available right now. Consider if baring your ankles fits your office culture.

Your best office denim cuts are Straight, boot cut and moderate skinny.

#2: Wash

Opt for a classic medium blue to dark indigo wash without any distressing. Black or dark grey denim work also really well in an office environment. Bright white denim can be a winning work look even in the winter.

Pay attention to notorious denim dye transfer aka colour bleeding. You don’t want to become famous for ruining your bosses new couch!

Even denim fabric works with many different body shapes. Distressed washes often have significantly lighter patches in unflattering places, such as thighs. That’s the last place where I want to draw any attention.

Distressed, ripped and embellished denim is best reserved for the weekends and going out. If you would wear it to a bar, it’s not polished enough for the office.

#3: Rise

Your rise should be high enough so you can sit without revealing too much. Higher rises tend to look more professional but this depends a lot on your individual body shape.

If you want to tuck in your shirt or blouse, look for a rise that keeps your top nicely tucked in. It’s so frustrating to keep on tucking throughout the day. Same tucking logic applies to a muffin-top, not that you have one!

You will most likely sit a lot at work so look for a rise that feels comfortable when you sit down. A smooth or an elastic waistband helps you feel good all day long, even during a long commute or business travel.

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#4: Styling Tips


  • A well-cut stylish blazer will elevate casual denim for a dynamic and modern look. Create an edgy signature style by wearing a fitted T-shirt or a cosy turtle neck with this look. 

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  • Silky or billowy blouses give a great material contrast to thick and durable denim. Basic blue denim compliments an array of colours and prints. It’s neutral in my colour palette!

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  • A well-pressed classic button-up shirt is always a perfect choice. I love the timeless elegance of this look. You can choose from fitted styles with or without stretch, relaxed Oxford-shirts or printed variations. Biggest minus point: Requires meticulous ironing.

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  • Combine your denim with knitwear for a seasonal style statement.

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  • Straight cut denim loves a classic loafer or an ankle boot that sits fitted around your ankles. An elegant pump is also a great choice.

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  • Boot cut goes well with boots, of course, but it also looks great with a classic court shoe. Chunkier heels match this cut too.

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  • Slightly cropped styles will look amazing with ballerinas, mules, comfy moccasins or car shoes.

  • Skinny jeans look great with chunkier boots. I also love a nice heel with skinny jeans but stay away from too sexy combos for work attire!

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  • Does your office culture support wearing sneakers? If yes, then go for it. Just make sure yours are in pristine condition and 100% odourless.

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Pick a shoe that either 100% matches -or totally clashes- with your top. Don’t be afraid of contrasting colours or metallic shoes.


  • Go for a sleek structured bag that has enough space for all your belongings. Ideal choices are large totes, satchels, saddlebags or classic briefcases.

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  • Keep your jewellery stylish and chic. Elegant and understated crystal jewellery looks great on everyone and elevates any outfit. Pearls are having a moment in style, but actually they are always an amazing choice. Remember that your watch tells more about you than your jewellery.

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If your office culture allows, consider wearing statement socks that are big news right now. Update your denim look with a belt. You can match it with your shoes and bag for a polished look.

Get more denim styling tips in I on Image’s blog:

Now on to you! How do you style your denim to the office? What are your best styles? I am looking for those hidden gems that only a true jeans lover knows!

Stay stylish!


Your image consultant with an eye for detail.

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