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In this post, I thought I’d give you a different approach to the coming season’s trends and give you some styling hints and tips on how to make your wardrobe ready for the up n’ coming SS11 trends!

One of the services I offer is a Wardrobe Detox – this time of year it’s a service I’m fully booked doing so here’s a short guide to DIY!!

* Grab some bin bags

* Start at one end of the wardrobe and start sifting (make sure you start at the end that end that you never delve into first!!)

* Did you wear it in the last 6-12 months? If you answer yes, then yay, it can stay! If you said no, then it needs to go! Add it to the ‘no’ pile!

* Is it a trend that’s coming back for SS11? If it is then great! If it ain’t, then get it listed on EBay or take it to your local charity shop – they’re always looking for clothes and you’ll be helping a good cause

* Does it still have the tags on it? If you say yes, and you’ve had it longer than 12 months then it has to go!! I know it was a bargain or you were planning on slimming into it, but come on, if you haven’t worn it by now, chances are you won’t!!

* If it’s got sentimental value and you can’t bear to get rid, pop it in the loft so you know it’s never far away….

* Once you’ve detoxed your wardrobe, organise your wardrobe into items – i.e. put all trousers together etc etc… This will make you experiment more with the clothes you have!

Hopefully this will give you a starter for 2011 to get ready for the fab trends that are coming!!

Martine Alexander is a celebrity stylist based in Manchester

Martine has earned an exceptional reputation as one of the North West’s most sought-after and credible fashion experts with an established client base including high profile, time-precious professionals and celebrities.

“Put simply, I take the pressure out of looking amazing whatever that pressure may be”. For me, the most important aspect of being a stylist is building a trusting relationship with my clients so they know I understand them.”

As well as styling private clients, Martine is Chief Stylist of Modele Magazine and contemporary shopping mall, Liverpool ONE.

To find out more about Martine and her styling services – Click Here

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