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Building a Capsule Denim Wardrobe (or Closet if your Stateside) is a true pleasure. Having key denim pieces that work and flatter your body shape can take time to find but when you do you’ll treasure them. You may already have denim pieces you love, I know I do. So let’s just focus on these pieces and see if they really work for you.

I’m breaking down what is needed in the Capsule Denim Wardrobe so we can focus on each piece and if it suits your body shape or lifestyle.

I have created this little video to give you a reminder of the pieces you can have in your Capsule Denim Wardrobe.

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Your Denim Capsule Wardrobe is personal to you and you may want to swap, let’s say a dress for a denim jumpsuit if like me you don’t wear dresses often. However, you may want to keep a dress for that hot summer’s day.

This is totally fine as you need to decide what you will wear the most and add it in as a core piece. Obviously, you’ll have a different taste to my collection above but I just want you to start to ignore all the other clothes and just focus on the denim pieces you have in your closet. This is when you will start to see which denim pieces you’re missing and can then you can look at the style you like.

I have handpicked different denim pieces below. Some you may like to see in your capsule, as statement pieces show your personality and denim is a fantastic blueprint for the rest of your wardrobe.


A cami top can be used as a bottom layering piece or a summer staple.


A denim shirt is one of my favourite pieces, it’s so versatile and season-less.


This is more of a spring /summer garment ( obviously with the short sleeves) and can be a trend piece too.

#4: DENIM JACKET *Hero Piece*

The denim jacket is a *Hero Piece* of your Denim Capsule Collection. A classic style will last you forever and will get that beautiful worn-in vintage denim look. OR make a statement with this key piece but be careful it doesn’t date. I would opt for both so you’re covered.


Which denim skirt is a style vs body shape preference. There’s an array of styles to chose from and you may want to choose up to three different styles classic/ if skirts are your thing.


Denim shorts don’t just have to be for the summer, If Tweens can wear tight’s under their shorts so can us grown-ups. Make sure the panty-hoes ( tights) are worth showing off! Again there’s a big variety of shorts available, personally, I gauge this by deciding how much leg I want to reveal. Go classic or get on a trend.

#7: DENIM DRESS *Hero Piece*

I’m giving the denim dress *Hero Piece* star because of its versatility in your Capsule. It can be a season-less piece by wearing a turtle neck or layering in the Winter. It can be used on the hottest day on the beach as a cover-up too. It’s a hard-working member of the Capsule and theirs lots of styles to covert if you don’t already have a favorite.

#8: JEANS *Hero Piece*

The jean gets a *Hero Piece* star in my Capsule purely because of the sheer amount of styles available to change the whole look of an outfit by changing your style of jeans. There really isn’t another garment that has the ability of being a chameleon & making a statement, whatever that maybe. This is why it’s by far the ‘jean’ is the no1 piece in my Capsule I can’t live without.


I’m adding in the denim jumpsuit as it’s a great alternative to the denim dress and a no brainer one stop shop when you can’t think of anything to wear. Again lots of styles to change up from a slouchy look to a smart denim style.

I hope you now feel enlightened to take a look at the denim in your closet and see if it’s ‘capsule worthy’. It’s really important to be as sustainable as possible and I alway suggest you first look at what you have before you shop for pieces your missing.

Need some help? Book a virtual denim session with me and I can work with you to create a personalized Capsule Denim Collection.

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