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A row of three people sitting on steps with a focus on their feet, each wearing different styles of high heels and jeans.

Confused as to which shoes to wear with jeans? Here’s how to pick the perfect shoe for your jeans every time!

I think we all do this, stand like flamingos in front of the mirror with different shoes on each foot to see which looks best! Sounds familiar?

Follow these simple pointers to help you pick the perfect shoe for your jeans:

Look at the jeans you have in your closet and mentally categorize them into sections. For example, dark denim we tend to wear more for the evening or a smarter occasion. Lighter wash jeans come out more in the Spring-Summer. This is not a rule but it’s what many women follow.

Wearing white jeans in the Winter months breaks this way of thinking and opens up your mind to non-seasonal dressing when it comes to your jeans.

It’s different with footwear as we wear our shoes more for the season due to the weather where we live. This is why we get into a shoe rut as there are lots of different variables when to wear those sneakers, wedges, brogues, block heels, etc. Combine this with a vast amount of leg lengths and styles of jeans it’s no wonder why we find ourselves wearing the same old shoes with jeans.

I created the infographic below to give you ( & me) a quick way of checking which style of shoe works with the many jean styles available today. If you think I may have missed out on one, just look at the silhouette of the jean on the guide.

My best jeans

The Best Shoes To Wear With Jeans guide


Keep it on your phone for a quick reminder!

Chart of various jeans styles at the top, with labeled

Click & Slide the shoes below and check which jeans (above) to pair them with.

Pick your sneakers

Pick your flat shoes

Pick your seasonal shoes /boots

Pick your high heels

Pick your new style of jeans

Picking the perfect shoe for your jeans was not an easy post to write so I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this, especially if you feel I’ve missed out on something. Pop it in the comments below!

Looking for boot inspiration?

A model wearing different style of jeans and shoes.
Sam, the I love jeans  denim stylist.


  1. Thank you so much!! I have had trouble figuring out the shoe/Jean connection. I get halfway out the door and I think “ nope not the best combo!” This chart is VERY helpful. I appreciate the time you took to make it for everyone:-)

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