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Annoyingly my printer has packed up! Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up the latest family-compatible laserjet printer and I’ve already started adding a selection to my Amazon cart ready for the sale.

Updated: 09/11/22

Now, you may have heard or noticed this already, Cyber Week is starting earlier! Historically Black Friday would be the start of the sales, now you’ll find your favorite brands and retailers will start as early as 21st November! 

So when Black Friday hits on 25th November we don’t have to be a part of the snowball effect, creating a frenzy of crazy buying as you’re one step ahead.

Start Your Online Shopping Strategy With These 6 Tips Today.

6 tips to help you buy jeans on Black Friday
Read these top tips on buying jeans on Black Friday
  • #1: Start making your wishlist now… It can be the old fashion written type, a list on notes on your iPhone, or an online wishlist on your favorite department store’s website.
  • #2: Sign up for your favorite online retailers for speedy purchasing on Black Friday.
  • #3: Opt-in for cookies so the retailer recognizes when you return to their website and sign up for their newsletters for details of deals, you can always unsubscribe after the sale.
  • #4: Go one step further to save time and add your purchases to the cart on the retailer’s website. Some retailers such as eBay will send out an email, to remind you that there’s something in your cart and offer you the best price on the day.  Some won’t so keep checking your wishlist /cart to see if the price has been reduced before Thanksgiving in time for the Black Friday Sale.
  • #5: Create a wishlist on your favorite online retailer. The beauty of the wishlist is that it really gets you thinking strategically about your purchases and if you really do need them in your life. Oh and here’s the best part there may be an option ( NET-A-PORTER, Amazon do) to email your wishlist to your partner or a family member in the hope they may take the hint and get the best deal on your early Christmas present.
  • #6: Always check the terms & conditions of the return before you purchase. Also if there are delivery charges especially if it is an international purchase. Just remember after Cyber Week what your looking for could be sold out or the price will go up.

Cyber Week Dates For Your Diary

  • 21st: Cyber Week starts
  • 24th: Thanksgiving
  • 25th: Black Friday
  • 26th: Small Business Saturday
  • 28th: Cyber Monday

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